Have You Hugged Someone Today?

People ask me all the time what makes Camden different than other companies. There are a lot of answers, but a big one is that we are huggers. Yes, that’s right. Camden employees hug each other.

Hugging at Camden didn’t start on a particular day – It has always happened. When we see a coworker from another community, city, or office our natural response is to go up to each other and hug. And I’m not talking about the “Hey, I haven’t seen you in 6 months, oh how I’ve missed you” hug. I’m talking about “Hey, I’m glad you’re back from lunch, give me a hug,” hugging. It’s something ingrained in our company’s culture and is an important part of who we are. We have “embraced” our hugging culture in many ways over the years. One example, from our 2001 Management Conference, features Natalie Byars and Bill Sengleman demonstrating how various Departments apply their hugging instincts.

If you are a Camden employee who does not hug that’s okay too, we have remedial hugging classes available. So, on January 21st, National Hug Day, go out and hug. But remember – only hug the willing!

41 thoughts

  1. Hugging is proven to help you live longer and happier.. Dont be Non-hugger, hug everyone you can.. All you need is a hug!!

  2. Love this part of our culture in Camden and it’s proven that hugs are contagiious because it’s not just employees who love hugging but our residents come in for hugs and expect them when they come in to pick up mail or just for conversation and coffee🙂 what a wonderful “community of people” we are surrounded in Camden nationwide!!!!!”

    Thank you Keith for blogging about one of the best parts of Camden Caring People!!!!!

  3. My New Leasing Consultant walked in this morning and gave me a hug! It was perfect! I know I hired the right person.🙂

  4. Hugs all around. Hugging is how we say Hello, How we say farewell, and how we say everything inbetween.

  5. Four days and counting until “National Hug Day” but for those of us in the regional offices or onsite offices that are closed on Saturday, I propose that we make Friday the “National Day BEFORE National Hug Day” so that we don’t miss out! Thanks Keith & Ric and all our leadership teams for leading by example as great huggers!

  6. Reading this while sitting in my hotel room tonight…Shelley is a few rooms down, but she might not want me to wake her for a hug at this very moment. I will just have to put on a robe and head to the front desk, that guy looks like he could use a Good Old Fashion Camden Hug…
    Thanks DKO…so glad to be in this Camden Fam!

  7. I’m thinking…”Hug Fest 2012″, “Huggapaluza”, “Hug Slam” …possible themes for a Summer Party?

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