Shocking ways to use a Magic Eraser

We keep packed schedules, live large and play hard. But it doesn’t feel good if you come home to scuffed walls, stains and marks left from our rock star way of living. Living in a Camden Community means that you like the finer things in life, want to live in a place you can be proud of, love to be pampered and don’t like to be bothered with the minor details.  Wouldn’t you love to find a way to minimize your cleaning efforts and maximize your domination of the visible reminders of everyday living?  I’m here for you.

The answer is Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser. The Magic Eraser has become the most necessary product I purchase. I have three kids, a dog, a husband and we are a lot to clean up after.  I have never stopped trying to use it on anything and everything.

Originally the Magic Eraser was marketed as the end of touch-up paint.  It’s designed to erase marks, crayon, ink and scuffed walls instead of having to pull out the paint, find a clean brush, shake and mix the old paint, pry the lid off the bucket and risk dripping paint on something (How does it always find a way to get on something?).  The reality is that you can use the Magic Eraser on just about everything.

I have no idea what the Magic Eraser is made of but it seems to consist of super-fine, soft, grit particles.  The size and surface you are trying to clean will determine how long it lasts.  The smoother your subject the longer it will last.  The one I keep in my shower lasts indefinitely because I use it mostly on the shower glass and polished frame.  Even though I use the squeegee religiously after each shower I still get a build up of soap scum at the bottom of the shower door.  One visit from Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser and you are cool again. It’s whatever, this stain ain’t no thang.  You tell that stain it can’t own you.  You use that eraser and you are cool again.

This pan had burned debris stuck and persisting. Three seconds with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and it’s cool again!

The power of the Magic Eraser must not be underestimated.  It can take off too much paint, it can dull surfaces that aren’t strong enough to handle its power.  You should not use the Magic Eraser on anything that you are not sure can stand up to the micro-grit abrasives. **Never use it on the front of stainless steel appliances unless you have tried it in an area of the appliance that cannot be seen.  I have made that mistake and it’s a bad mistake to make.

I will admit I may have gone a little overboard at times and won’t mention those attempts.  I’m not sure micro-derm abrasion should be included as the most shocking way to use a Magic Eraser, but I could be wrong.  Here is a partial list of successful uses.  Keep in mind I usually try the Magic Eraser first so I cannot begin to list everything I use it on.

  • dried food on a glass cook top
  • stubborn debris on drip pans
  • stainless steel sink
  • dried water stains on plastic and glass dishes, glasses, containers, etc.
  • faucets (both kitchen and baths)
  • glass shower doors and frame
  • ceramic tile/tubs (You can feel the eraser “grab” the soap scum as you wipe tile surfaces)
  • pots and pans with cooked-on and burned-on stains
  • paint over spray on switch plates and windows and frames
  • adhesive on just about anything (including glass jars you plan to reuse)
  • “permanently” stained dishes
  • dry erase board
  • stained laminate counters
  • SHOES – (go very easy with gentle pressure, but it removes a lot of scuffs)

It was only recently that I discovered that there are people in our country that have never used this product.  I am compelled to share my dependence on this strange little white block of space material and pixie dust.  It’s a P.S.A. – please do your part by sharing this information.  I had no idea people DIDN’T KNOW!

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29 thoughts

  1. You could not have said this any better. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser saves time, money and frustration! I tell my staff, if the Magic Eraser doesn’t get it off… it’s not coming off. You can bleach and scrub until the cows come home and the magic eraser still does a better job, in half the time! Cheers to your post and the secret weapon of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!!!!

  2. I love the Magic Eraser. I had some children at my house that got magic marker all over my coffee table and this amazing eraser took it off when I thought I would have to buy a new table. It has been a life saver for me at times also!

  3. Wait wait wait, this works on SHOES? This is a brilliant post, I have an unopened box of these in a cabinet that I’ve never used… you can bet I’m opening that up when I get home!

  4. Wow! I have some I have never used; will get them out in the morning and start cleaning. I hope it works getting salt water stains off my outside windows from all the wind coming off the sound.

  5. Any success stories? I discovered even more uses! The previous occupants of my home used an adhesive strip to tape up something over all the windows. Ornate custom trim loses its luster if it has a two inch border of old adhesive above every single window. I had never used it on shoes…lo and behold…even more love. Spotted silverware? Erased!

  6. “Shocking ways to use a Magic Eraser | Simply Camden” tennantcast genuinely
    got me hooked with your website! Iwill certainly wind up being back
    again way more normally. Thanks a lot ,Lea

  7. You can buy eraser sponges that are identical material to the Magic Eraser at for as little as $0.29 a piece and shipping is free!.. Be careful with Chinese knock – offs that have been tested and may contain high levels of some very dangerous chemicals.

  8. Very useful tips.I would be careful with the Magic Eraser on shiny surfaces. It can remove the shine. I made that mistake on my semi gloss walls and my range hood..

  9. On the back of the magic eraser product packaging it says “not recommended for stainless steel” I called the company and of course they confirm the statement but can’t tell me why it’s not recommended. My sister works at a restaurant that uses it on silverware and I have an all-clad stainless steel pan with burnt on oil that I’m tempted to try it with. Any ideas?

  10. They will probably not recommend it on stainless steel appliances and things that will show or expose any abrasive type of use. I have used it on my stainless steel pots and pans to get the baked on and burned on debris off of pots.

  11. Sponges made from the identical material as the Magic Eraser are available online at for as little as $0.29 per sponge with free shipping! These are not cheap, potentially dangerous Chinese knock-off sponges that are available in some discount retail stores or online. Chinese sponges have been tested and may contain high levels of dangerous chemicals. Spongeoutlet eraser sponges are made from Basotect – from Germany – same as the Magic Eraser.

  12. I have a decorative wine stopper with a metal bottom that I left in the bottle in the frig. It’s now corroded (or rusted?) on the bottom. Can I try ME on it?
    NOTE: Be careful with laminate countertops…it does take the stains right off but can leave a dull spot.
    Thanks for all the tips!

  13. Hi Sharon,
    Chinese knock offs are dangerous because we have tested many of them and have found that many of them contain high levels of potential toxins that can be left behind in the residue on counter tops, etc. At SpongeOutlet we use melamine foam manufactured by BASF in Germany, the largest chemical company in the world, and our product is made from the identical material as the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser sponges. However, our sponges are up to 80% less than retail prices. I hope this helps and sheds some insight on the dangers of chinese knock offs.

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