So there was this Irish Girl…

My last name is Fitzpatrick. Besides it being so obviously Irish and so obviously the most awesome surname ever, for me it means I have the most incredible heritage (and let it be known that is a personal opinion and I’m quite partial). Therefore, being that I’m Irish diaspora and all, this is the reason I feel that St. Patrick’s Day is quite frankly one of the best holidays of the year. It’s my excuse to wear silly t-shirts that say things like “Kiss me. I’m Irish” or “I love Irish boys”, fake an Irish accent, drink green beer, a bit of Guinness and party like it’s 1999.  Even though I get to be Irish every day of the year, it’s so much fun for me to have this one day to parade my Irishness around like I deserve a standing ovation. To say that I’m proud is (insert Cockney-like British accent)…a bit of an understatement, govenuh!

I’ve stated before that I Google absolutely everything and I meant it. I’m a Googler from way back and so naturally I Googled some fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day and decided to share. Everyone should know a bit o’ something about this day. It’s just that important. I promise we’ll turn back around to the main purpose of this blog entry in a moment.

-the original color for St. Patrick’s Day was actually blue  (that’s just weird)
-according to legend, Saint Patrick used the shamrock to explain Holy Trinity to pre-Christian Irish people
-St. Patrick’s Day is always March 17th and it celebrates Saint Patrick himself and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland

History lesson over. Now, for the main course…where you can party. As with any holiday, there are proper ways to kick-off your celebratory behaviors. One of them is Raleigh’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It’s aptly dubbed the ‘Wearin’ ‘O Green Festival’. There is food, entertainment…wait for it…a parade and so much more. You can mingle with Irish folk, mingle with not so Irish folk, get your face painted, take photos with men in Kilts (because everyone should have one of those), listen to bagpipes and finally drink some beer! It’s an epic time to say the least.

You can also check your own local community, even your own Camden community to see if they are hosting any St. Patrick’s Day events.  For instance Camden Governors Village in Chapel Hill, NC is doing a sweet little something to pay homage to the day. Every snack they serve is going to be green. Green M&M’s, green lemonade and green cookies. A. Dor. Able.

Where you go and what you do is your business, just be safe while you’re being Irish for the day. Oh and try not to be jealous that when I wake up on the 18th, I’ll still be Irish.

Erin Go Bragh!!!

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  1. I too am part Irish and I love St. Patrick’s Day! To celebrate the holiday, at Camden Brushy Creek in Cedar Park,TX, we’re having our very first St. Patrick’s Day themed Cupcake War! We will also be having themed “mocktails” and all wearing green!

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