Dr. Oz Fan Addicts

There are two types of people in this world, those who live by the words of Dr. Mehmet Oz, and those who are ruled by his fans.  The regulars at Whole Foods must be irritated by Oz fans wandering around their store.  I too have ventured out in search of caraway seeds, chlorophyll, coconut, flax and walnut oil.  I admit it.  I’m jealous of the Whole Food “regulars” I see.  Probably because they can smile but not worry about smile lines, use lavender oil as perfume and enjoy a life wearing supportive, super-comfy shoes. They are decades more healthy than I am.  But more importantly, why can’t I pull off the comfy shoe look?!

Helpful ways to combat common ailments – Thank you Dr. Oz! (Photo courtesy of http://www.robertregisterphotography.com)

Dr. Oz is a testament to persistence in spreading a message.   There is no way you could (or should) take every supplement or eat every food he recommends.  You act on a suggestion if you think it’s appropriate for you.  His genius lies in critical information repeated over and over again in different ways with visual clarity.  If you can’t visualize the solution, it won’t be true to you. Dr. Oz doesn’t just give the information he prepares visual animations that will explain the systems, reactions and malfunctions in our body. He tapped into the biggest demographic in our Nation, the “visual learners”.  It’s the clarity that turns the light bulb on.

For me, the moment came when he showed how diabetes affects your body. I finally understood WHY it was so serious.  This awareness is what made me a Dr. Oz Fan Addict.  I have three children and know the significance of my food preparation. The visual demonstration of damage caused by diabetes is now burned in my brain.  I became acutely aware of how my choices could hurt my children.  It was the wake-up call I needed.  It made me think about all the things we do for our families to keep them safe and happy.  Yet we forget that innocent food on the table could be silently hurting them in a way that can devastate their life.

I’ve secretly had a mission to be more like the peaceful shoppers I see in my local Whole Food Store.  I now consider myself a regular guest.  We recently found ourselves in our local store with two cranky kids, a list in one hand and an immunity boosting soup recipe in another. We looked through thousands of supplements trying to figure out what most of them did, how they were categorized and where we might find the fountain of youth on our Dr. Oz list. We succeeded, bought organic and even local produce for the recipe and left with a nice pump of all-natural lavender-scented hand sanitizer. Delightful!  For the next few hours, we smelled like we shopped at Whole Foods. The soup turned out amazing.  I have since made another double batch and have several containers frozen for later. Dr. Oz has some seriously amazing recipes!

Shiitake Hot & Sour Soup. It’s iron-man satisfying to eat and makes your house smell wholesome.

A bi-product of a world starring Dr. Oz is that his “Fan Addicts” learn so much information that they can’t help but share their knowledge with family and friends.  Spouses that don’t watch his show complain when the statement “Dr. Oz says” dominates their conversations and alters their way of life.  A couple of men that were fed up with their altered livelihood, created a website to vent their frustrations.  He recently had a show and invited the unwilling partners to face off against the man ruining their lives.  They later admit their wives are simply trying to keep them healthy with a better quality of life.   Every episode shows you how to make better choices and to live a healthier life.  There are so many ways to use good food to make your quality of life better.  Your job? Find the balance.

At Camden we want you to experience Living Excellence.  It’s more than a good idea, it’s our Values and it’s our Commitment. Camden is driven to spread the message of Living Excellence just as Dr. Oz  is driven to Transform our Nation! That’s a combination I am glad to know about. DVR his show and plan a trip to your closest health food store, you only have your health to lose!

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