Avoid the lobster look! 3 Inexpensive Must Haves for Summer 2012!

If you live in Texas, you’ll know that I’m not kidding when I say it was really darn stinkin’ HOT this past weekend, and not just “Ugh! Its hot and I’m a diva so I’m gonna write a letter.” I’m talkin’ like “let’s go fry an egg on the concrete” HOT! This is SERIOUS people! If you’re a Camden resident or planning to move into one of our communities this summer, you completely understand how welcoming and absolutely gorgeous our pools are! Camden is known for our amazing landscape & our resort-style swimming pools! It’s almost impossible to avoid the swimming pool and the sun around summer at a Camden community! Camden just makes it wayyyyy to easy to relax; and if you aren’t afraid of the hot sun burning your skin this summer, you should be! I’m literally as WHITE as they come, I have features such as red hair, freckles, fair skin & if it were possible to pay my skin “1 billion dollars” – in the words of Dr. Evil it still would NOT tan! For me to say that I get a sunburn when being out in the sun for too long would be a huge understatement! I was totally unprepared for this sunshine over the weekend and decided to make a list of 3 Must Haves for the summer of 2012 for you people living in Texas so you can avoid the “lobster look“… Enjoy!

#1- Buy a floppy hat: Do it! A floppy hat will help you kill two birds with one stone.

A.) You will undoubtedly look ADORABLE! (but you probably already knew that!)

B.) Your face (and hair) will be grateful. A floppy hat provides a generous amount of shade for your face and hair. Yes, i said hair. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been sunburned on my scalp, and it’s NOT pretty! Who wants to put sunscreen in their hair? NOT ME! Purchase a floppy hat. Although it may not feel like you’re getting sunburned on your face, its inevitable. You can find THE cutest floppy hats at Target for around $10! Click here for some ideas!

#2- Brita (on the go!) Water Bottle & Filter! This is literally

a life saver! Water is THE best thing you can

 put in your body on a hot day, it helps re hydrate your skin and the more you drink the better. The Brita bottle is also environmentally friendly! Who loves the earth? Camden does! This water bottle is  BPA-free, dishwasher safe (top rack) and recyclable. You can bring it with you anywhere, and its a must have if you love taking off spur of the moment on a bike ride or jog. This water bottle literally filters the water as you drink it and can be very useful when the only available water nearby is from a filthy water fountain. You can purchase one for around $10 by clicking here!

#3- Neutrogena Ultimate Sport for those of you on-the-go! You can purchase this for around $10 and it will not only make your skin feel soft and look amazing but it will allow you to avoid the “lobster look“. Its small enough to carry around in your pocket and the best part it won’t clog your pores or cause breakouts on your skin. Summer is here people, and if you don’t have sunblock with you at all times you might look like the man up there… (nods)

TIP: Check out your local weather forecast before you start your day so you can always be prepared!

5 thoughts

  1. The heat is already setting in and I swear by wearing a hat to keep the sun off my face while I work outside. I never tried Neutrogena sport but my girlfriend said it was great. Brita on the go also sounds like a good idea – better than the plastic water bottles that get warm in an hour and taste funny.

  2. I just broke out my floppy hat I bought last year for my honeymoon! LIFESAVER! Thanks doodlebug! Great advice.

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