A Case of the Mondays PSA

Oh, ‘Office Space’, how I love thee. It’s seriously one of my favorite movies and if you’ve seen it once or 1,239 times, you know the legendary line, “Uh-oh! Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!”.  Besides having the urge to kinda slap her for her annoying, yet perfect delivery of the line, you also know exactly what she means because we’ve all been there. There are definitely those days after your weekend that you just know upon opening your eyes that it might be better off to stay home, hang out in your PJ’s and watch mindless T.V. And you know what…it is O.K.  I give you permission to have your little venture into that black hole but just know that you can come out of it…and here’s how. But first you have to get up, get dressed and head to work. And I’m pretty sure it’s an actual statistic that once you are on your way, 50% of the problem will be history. Just sayin’.

For some of us, all it takes is walking in the front door of the office and your mood is shaken (not stirred) back to a splendid state. I can honestly say that since I’ve worked with Camden, at Reunion Park and now Westwood, anytime I’ve had a case of the Mondays, slight or severe, I’ve not lingered there very long. There is always some ridiculously hilarious situation, a resident or prospect that makes your day, a co-worker that makes you laugh so hard that tears fall and your cheeks hurt or another co-worker who gives you every reason to smile. For those out there who don’t have quite the affection for their job or their co-workers as I do, there is help and you are not alone. Below are five things that can turn your Monday into a Funday (Yes…you just read that correctly. I just brought on a whole bunch of cheese with that one.)

5 Cures for a Case of the Mondays

Go out to lunch: Go somewhere nice. Go somewhere you’ve wanted to go for a while. Try something new. Some actual good mood foods are fish, teas, avocados, cashews, bananas and even chocolate.
Happy Hour: Yes. Happy Hour is a very real thing. It exists between the hours of 4-8pm and can give you something to look forward to. What better way to unwind than with friends and a couple drinks? Plan your shenanigans.
Relax via YouTube: Now I know this one sounds a bit weird, BUT, there are relaxation videos in droves on YouTube. Find one to listen to for about 15 minutes or so and just drown out everything around you. Just woo-sah out to your little hearts delight. If that’s not really your cup of tea, find a funny video (“Don’t go ninja’n nobody that don’t need ninja’n!”) or eleven of them and watch them. You can’t beat laughter with a stick.
Phone a Friend: Your friends can cheer you up, slap you back into reality and let you know it’s just a day of the week and that it will be over soon. Was anything really that serious to begin with?
Play a Practical Joke: The key word here is practical. Playing jokes on people can lift your spirits like whoa. However, don’t be mean…be playful and silly with it (did anyone else just start singing ‘Get Jiggy With it’ in their head?).

Monday happens Every. Single. Week. Make the most of it. Oh and if your Case of the Mondays hits you on a different day of the week…the same rules apply.

Happy Monday!!

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