Social Networking Can Save Your Wednesday Night Boredom (and that empty dining room)

How many of us can honestly say we know our neighbors? I for one cannot. I live at a Camden and I don’t know one single person in my building. Ugh. And it’s not that I skulk through the breezeways as I pass someone by, it’s more trying to find that sweet spot, that comfortable place where you move from strangers who head nod all the way to friends who call you by name and knock on your door to ask you to watch their dog. I thought I’d be doomed to wander the breezeways of Lake Pine without knowing anyone…forever, but no, Camden had something else in mind for me…and guess what? It’s for you, too. So come away with me into a world of pure imagination (pardon me. I had to get my Willy Wonka on.) where there is a little universe inside a universe and everyone knows their neighbor.

Resident meet MyCamden. MyCamden meet Resident. Home Page

This nifty screen shot you’re looking at is the new face of Camden’s resident portal. If Facebook and Craigslist had a baby and that baby got with Pinterest, you’d have this amazing thing called MyCamden. Not only is it designed to help you meet those elusive neighbors of yours, but you can do all kinds of things like sell that thing you’ve been meaning to sell or pimp out that new thing you started on the side. You can also get community information, texts to let you know you have a package at the front office, take-out info, coupons, etc. It’s AND BONUS…it’s completely exclusive, which in and of itself is fantastic. Doesn’t exclusivity just give you tingles and make you feel all special?

Now, there is a catch (you knew there would be as soon as I mentioned the word ‘exclusive’). If you’d like to be a part of the awesomeness that I have just described, you have to live at a Camden.  Coming from a person who lives AND works at a Camden, it’d be one of the best decisions you ever made. With over 200 communities nationwide, we have something with exactly what you’re looking for and more.

Okay. Now that you know…what are you waiting for?!

11 thoughts

  1. It’s SO awesome. It won’t be replacing it but rather an added feature. On the log-in page, there is a separate log in for the payment and service request portal that looks the same.

  2. Thanks, we tend to be different. I think we will have something similar in a years time…

    but seriously, what’s up with all the fibbing? Not cool Jfitz7. Not cool.

  3. I know. I know. I’ve been naughty. I’ll think of a way to make it up to you that is ten shades more wicked awesome than an apology.

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