Why so serious? Spread the gift of kindness… (part one)

Learn to love your neighbor. It’s all we need in this chaotic world.

A few words for thought…

First things first. This isn’t some happy-sappy blah blah blog that is meant to be cheesy, cliché’ and inspirational, so don’t get it twisted. This is some real shhhh. Lets talk.

Have you ever felt out of balance or just that something is not right in our world today? I have. It’s one of those unsettling feelings, and no one is able pinpoint exactly but you know it’s there and more importantly that it means something important… but what does it mean? Why is it so hard to stop, focus, and act on all of our good thoughts and ideas that could potentially change the world for the better? Its 2012, and I’m feeling like people have become more and more withdrawn from each other over the last 50 years. Is there more to life than what we have been taught? When i look around and I see so many people  only seeming to take interest in mindless entertainment and watching other people who are considered “celebrities” lives being destroyed by drugs and fame on TMZ it causes me to ask these questions of why. I mean, I get it, its entertaining, but it all seems so shallow, right? It seems like no one cares to meet and know their neighbors anymore. A perfect example what I’m trying to capture with words here can be understood by simply going to your neighborhood grocery store. Everyone seems so afraid of each other, no one wants to make eye contact anymore, smile or simply say “excuse me” when passing you in the isle. When and how did our neighbors’ life become less valuable and precious than our own? We should all value and respect each other; as we are all neighbors in one way or another. Each and every one of us is special, beautiful and a true miracle. Life in itself is a miracle; imagine a world where everyone loved each other despite our differences in race, religion, occupation, intelligence, income, disabilities and any other differentiating idiosyncrasies you can come up with to differentiate people. We all need to stop, unite, and love each other despite our differences. Most people change their thoughts every few minutes, jumping from one thought to the next and it’s easy to become distracted with all of the social media and chaos happening these days. I believe that many people (including myself) have good intentions and/or ideas that often end up escaping our minds as if it were never there to begin with.

Say whaaaaat?

I read a story a few years ago about people living in a neighborhood in California who were shocked to find out that a registered sex offender had held two children and woman hostage for the past 19 years. The neighbors, when interviewed, said that it was none of their business why the man had tents and sheds in his yard. It’s always a good idea to be cautious, but there is no better way to learn to trust your neighbors than getting to know someone. This tragedy could have potentially been avoided had one of the neighbors decided to initiate some social interaction/neighborly love.

Stop, think smart, and feel the difference at Camden

I’m grateful to have learned so much in my 7 years with Camden. The #1 most important and meaningful lesson that I’ve learned about this amazing company is that we are ALL about loving our neighbors, having fun, and of course hugging random people; Which is why Camden makes it easy to know your neighbors by hosting happy hours, wine & cheese nights, national night out, resident pool parties and much much more! Give it a try, i’m challenging you to walk into any Camden office and if you tell me that you DON’T feel the love, I will be very surprised. If you don’t believe me when I say that Camden cares about neighborly love, check out our values and get back with me. I mean, Camden even has a portal specifically designed to help you meet your neighbors! MyCamden.com! It doesn’t get better than this people! If you’re longing for that good ol’ fashioned feeling of neighborly love, come live at one of our nationwide Camden communities and feel the difference. I’ve met so many residents who have met their husbands, wives and best friends simply by living at a Camden community and attending our events! We want to promote neighborly love and comforting moments within our communities.

Spread the gift of kindness, it’s contagious.

How can we all make a difference in our communities to improve neighborly love? I want to hear all of your “neighborly love” stories! Keep it PG people! ha! Do you have any that you would like to share? Or helpful tips to get to know your neighbors better? The second half of this blog will be all of your feedback compiled into one big blog that we can share with the world on ways to promote neighborly love within your community.

8 thoughts

  1. This is such a nice post, and so true – I’ve never been the greatest neighbor, but when my family and I moved this past Feb (into a Camden), our next door neighbors brought us a bottle of wine so we’d have something to relax with when we finished. It was so nice and unexpected! It turned out that they have a granddaughter who is the same age as my daughter, so BAM!, that was one new playmate. We were worried when they first came out of their apartment because we thought we were being too noisy with our move. THEN, we met our upstairs neighbor because we had boxes outside our door (broken down, but still), and she came down to tell us that we’d have to take them out to the dumpster. That could have been an uncomfortable situation because we were sweaty and knew we had to take the boxes out, but we chatted with her instead of being grouchy and found out that she has a daughter the same age as ours, and BAM!, there was another new playmate. It really reminded me that being defensive should be the absolute LAST reaction to talking to people, because we would have really missed out on two great neighbors. Now we’re able to keep an eye out for each other and trade off taking the kids to the park and pool.

  2. Wow!! Awesome topic and very insightful words… This is my first time stopping by at this site. I am looking for an apartment right now and someone suggested that I should take a look at Camden. So like I always do, I began to do my research and ran across this blog. Very impressive message. Really caused me to take a moment to think… I will be making an appointment to come in and check out one of your apartments. Great Message! Thank you!!

  3. Great post!! Are all the people who work for Camden like you? I’ve lived at many other apartment properties and have never seen or heard anyone as genuine as you. Most of the folks I see or meet at the other properties I’ve been are so “Plastic,” and the only kindness genuineness they seem to give is when they are trying to get you in the door to close a sale, then after that you almost wished you never met them. I think you are cool and would definitely like to meet you should I decide to ever visit Camden. If its not possible that you could show me around then maybe I could find someone like you working there to show me around.

    Great message!! Keep sharing your thoughts 🙂

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