Why so serious? Spread the gift of kindness… (part TWO)


Ahhh, the peace dove… find your happy place 🙂

If you had the opportunity to read part one of this blog you’ll know that neighborhoods aren’t like they used to be and that’s no lie! These days it’s becoming more common for neighbors to be complete strangers, even after years and years of living only a few steps away from each other! Camden promotes neighborly love at every point of contact so here are a few ways how you can help promote the love too! Call me crazy but I believe there’s an infinite river of universal love and kindness you can tap into at ANY moment. It’s like that thing that connects us all together. We are all bound by our biology, our nature – our need to drink, eat, and most importantly our need to love each other.

Who is with me?! 

But I also feel something’s missing (as mentioned in blog #1). A disconnect. Let’s pretend that at this very moment I’m mentally tapped into this universal stream of love, can you feel it? I think vibes carry most often times without us knowing it. When trying to meet your neighbors, remember to focus and have a good vibe. I don’t know about y’all but I want to become friends with my neighbors, and try to create a stronger sense of community. If disaster strikes, who will I band together with if not my neighbors?

Change has to start with you. It only takes one person who is willing to reach out to make a big difference.

1.) Introduce yourself – It’s easy and so simple, yet most people are afraid of introductions or even being friendly for that matter. Break the mold! Spread kindness! Take the initiative and introduce yourself to your neighbor at the dog park or even in passing, you will be glad you did. You never know who you will meet. Help your neighbors too! The rewarding feeling that comes from helping others is priceless. At Camden, we have gorgeous fitness centers at just about every community and working out is a great source for finding common ground with your neighbors. Chances are, if you go to the gym regularly you see the same crowd in there day after day, try breaking the mold and introducing yourself and help each other with working out! You might learn something new while opening up this opportunity to help others!

2.) Emanate positive vibes- This is the easy one! Don’t be nervous, put yourself in a happy place. If you’re feeling good, chances are the vibes you give off when speaking to others feel good.

3.) Give a compliment-One thing I have noticed as i’m growing and getting older in this crazy world is how we are ALL so terrified of giving other people compliments! Why? Sure, we can all tell our co-workers and friends who we’ve known for 10 years that we think they look nice today but how come when it comes to people we randomly meet throughout our day, we shy away and/or freeze like a deer in the headlights from compliments? Is it because we are afraid the other person will think we are a creeper?In my line of work , I deal with HUNDREDS of people every single day. I love it. Why? Because I get to meet a unique and interesting person every single day. Just recently, one such extra unique person and I got into a deep conversation over the phone. When she was ready to go, she told me I was “genuine” and awesome. Needless to say, I was in the best mood all day after that. I felt a new river of positive energy go through me and it was good.

This power all came from ONE little compliment. We all have that kind of power. We can share it with everyone we come in contact with.

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