25 Stress Relievers – Live Happy!

#1 –  Being in love and relaxing on a beach in Barcelona.

Stress kills, which is why I decided to make a list for my favorite reader (you) to help remove stress from your life with little to no effort! At Camden, we come to work every day to make sure our customers receive the highest quality of accommodation in the hopes of relieving stress when we can. Give me a few minutes of your time and I promise you will be feeling relaxed and refreshed by the time you’re done reading…

Instant Tension Busters 

#1- Take three deep breaths, 5 seconds in, 5 seconds out. This will slow your heart rate and the pace of your stress hormones.

#2- Copy a cat: Stretch and then shake it out. (Meow)

#3-Hang your head forward as if it were a heavy ball, then move it slowly to the side, back, side and front. Circle around twice in the opposite direction.

#4- Sit up very straight, when your shoulders are back you open up your chest and breathe more freely.

#5- Peel an orange. Breathe in the aroma as you tear away the skin. Then pop the sections into your mouth for an instant refresher.

How are you feeling? Relaxed yet? Keep reading… it gets better…

Mood Boosters

#6- At work, walk over to someone’s desk to talk, go to the water cooler, walk down the stairs instead of taking the elevator, force yourself to move. It will relieve physical tension in your body.

#7- Let the sun restore you. Turn your face into it, close your eyes and bask in the natural warmth for several minutes.

#8- Search online for a short funny video to watch! Laughter reduces stress. Click here or here for two hilarious examples!

#9- Make a step-by-step outline of what you need to do to deal with a stressful situation. It will make your stress seem more manageable.

#10-Close your eyes and say, “I now empty my mind of irritation, frustration, hate and worry.” Visualize each one leaving your mind. Then say: “I now fill my mind with peace, calm, love and happiness.” Visualize each one coming to you.

Soothing Suds

#11- Add a pint of milk to a warm bath. You’ll feel like your floating in a warm cloud.

#12- Keep the bathwater on at a slow trickle to maintain the temperature.

#13- To relieve aches, rub apple cider vinegar into tense muscles before stepping into the bath.

#14- Move into Camden. We have over sized garden tubs at most of our nationwide communities sure to ease stress from a good soak.

#15- In the tub, close your eyes and imagine your favorite lake, river or beach scene.

Chronic Stress Help

#16- Get enough sleep. When you’re tired, problems can seem larger than life.

#17- Ask for help and remember you don’t have to do everything yourself.

#18- Give yourself credit, Under stress, we often focus on failure instead of moving forward to complete what needs to be done.

#19- Know your stress signals (e.g., tummy troubles or neck pain), so you can recognize them right away and take care of yourself.

#20-Walk whenever you can. Exercise has a soothing effect, especially when it helps you avoid bad traffic and crowded public transportation.

Stop Stress Before It Starts

#21- Whatever you enjoy doing, give it a regular place in your life. Everyone needs an outlet.

#22- Nurture your friendships. Kindred souls will help you stay sane.

#23- Connect with nature every day. Look at the sky as you open the blinds and forget yourself for one minute.

#24- Use rituals to decompress, such as drinking a cup of tea in the morning, sitting back to reflect on your thoughts really helps put things into a new perspective.

#25- Adopt a pet. Affectionate and comforting, they allow you to take the focus off yourself and your problems.

I recently used #25 for myself and adopted a new puppy. She is adorable and I’ve enjoyed every minute of her new addition into my life and of course Prince loves her too! She was abandoned and my lovely co-blogger, Beverly, found her underneath a dumpster at Home Depot! I took her to the vet immediately because i noticed two small lumps under her skin and come to find out my little girl had not only been abandoned but shot in the head with a BB gun! Adopting a pet makes you feel like you’re making a difference in the world which relieves unnecessary stress, and even if it’s only changing the world of a helpless animal, you’re still making a difference. At Camden, most of our communities not only allow pets but we welcome pets with open arms and treats too! Check out some of our amazing nationwide communities here! if you’re looking to live a stress free lifestyle!

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