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24/7, 365 days our Camden Contact Center is available for you. The Camden Contact Center began in 2009 as a way to support our communities and our customers no matter the time or day. Take my word it’s grown to be much more than just that. We now support our Accounts Payable department and also take calls for our corporate front desk.

Camden Contact Center Houston, TX

Camden Contact Center Houston, TX

A benefit of us having an in house contact center is that we are able to have quality assurance and accountability. Our number one mission is to provide the best customer service experience and provide Living Excellence at every point of contact.

Welcome the NEW faces of the Contact Center!

We answer your sales questions, expedite your emergency request, respond to email leads and also answer all the fun stuff in between. Agents are trained and ready to handle any situation. The best part of it all is that you are speaking with a live Camden employee. We’re not an answering service and not a robot… we are LIVE and very excited to hear from you. We equip our team with the same tools and knowledge that is required of our communities so that we can better assist you when they are helping customers as well. So don’t be puzzled if we tell you we’re in Houston, we appreciate your call and we are here to assist you will all your needs!

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