Pantry Raid – Box Tops for Education Challenge

Box Tops for Education are prized and treasured in our house.

Box Tops for Education are prized and treasured in our house. I challenge you to collect them, find them, and drop them off at any school or participating Camden Community

If you are here looking for a “Panty Raid”, wrong site.  The title is “PantRy Raid” and entirely different.  A good old-fashioned Pantry Raid includes rewarding yourself with a dessert or some other guilty pleasure.  Here’s a twist, only reward yourself if you can find Box Tops for Education you would have otherwise thrown away.

When you are doing your taxes this year and contemplate your contributions to our Federal and State programs, be mindful that you are likely throwing away money that schools desperately need.  I will repeat…THROWING AWAY money that only schools can use. You could be supporting an effort that would otherwise be impossible.   You never know how the programs in our schools can shape or change the future.

The results of a "Pantry Raid" at my sisters house.

The results of a “Pantry Raid” at my sisters house.

It has long been understood that schools need money.  Fundraisers, taxes and even state lotteries are pumping as much as they can but still leave the classrooms needing more.  I doubt anyone would be surprised to know to what extent the teachers and even parents of the kids fill in the gaps by supplying tissues, glue, hand sanitizer, pencils, scissors and crayons.  I have two children in the school system and one in college.  Trust me when I tell you, nothing goes into our trash without looking for a “Box Top” or a “Labels for Education”.  At work, we buy products that advertise “Box Tops for Education” on them.  Why isn’t everyone ripping these suckers off the box of Yoplait yogurts or Ziploc boxes?!

Cheerios, Fiber One, 59 types of cereal, Hefty disposable cookware and tableware, Pillsbury, Green Giant, Kleenex, LAND O LAKES, Totino’s Party Pizza, Hanes apparel, Betty Crocker, Scott toilet tissue, Avery labels, Boise copier paper, Brita filters, the list goes on.

If you have to do any online shopping, you can give schools money while you do normal typical online shopping.  Go to their website and donate as you shop.  Clicking through a charitable website requires a sign in because you have to designate where you want your donation to go.  It is an action that requires a choice.  But once you log in, it’s pretty simple to use.  The site offers to keep you logged in, but anytime you want to make a purchase that will qualify for a donation, you have to go through the Box Top site.  I have used the link to shop at Apple, Overstock and Kohl’s. Online stores offer eBox Tops through their Marketplace.Image.aspx

PTA’s across the country have volunteers launching program after program to raise funds to keep up with play dough and reading subscriptions. Everyone has been presented with the giant books full of valuable coupons, but have you ever been asked to look through your pantry for some school money?

Challenge #1:  Go through your pantry and tell me how many Box Tops you can find.  Post the number of Box Tops in the comment section.

Challenge #2:  I challenge all Camden Communities across the country to rally your residents and collect their Box Tops.  Take them to a school in your district or split them between teachers within your community.  Who will collect the most?  If I know anything about Camden Employees I know they are competitive and have a passion for serving.   How many teachers live in a your community?    Let’s show our muscle and find money for schools. This is a great project for the Camden Cares Committees across the country. All Camden Communities that would take Box Tops for Education donations, please post your Community name and address in the comments section.  Sometimes the challenge is convenience.  Let’s make it as easy as possible.

Challenge #3:  Next time you have an event, a gathering, a dinner party or even a book club meeting have your guests bring Box Tops. If I weren’t so sure there were Box Tops in your pantry I wouldn’t suggest something but it’s nearly impossible to find a household without one somewhere.

Challenge #4: While you are looking in your pantry, check out your Campbell’s Soup Labels.  You’ll find a Labels for Education on the label.

Labels for Education are also overlooked.  Think about how many Campbell's Soup cans are in our landfills with the labels in tact.

Labels for Education are also overlooked. Think about how many Campbell’s Soup cans are in our landfills with the labels in tact.

Clip it, throw it in the drawer with the rest of the Box Tops you need to take to the Leasing Office, your nieces or nephews, your friend that is a school teacher, or your nearest school.

Challenge #5:  Sign up through the Box Top for Education marketplace so your online purchases will go a little farther. Any Camden resident can contact your Welcome Center to find out what schools are in your community.

What we focus on expands, let’s focus on free money for schools.  Who is up for the challenge? Let’s hear about it!

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