How to make a Harlem Shake video meme and why

Let’s face it, you either just heard about it or you swear you’ll never watch it again.  When I first saw it I laughed, I cried, I winced and looked away but I couldn’t get enough.  Why would so many people go to such great lengths to make a video?  Why would people dig out their best costumes, hats and helmets to “do” a Harlem Shake video?

This video is called a meme (rhymes with team) because it is the idea of the video that is viral.  There are several Harlem Shake videos that have viral views without a doubt, but the real sensation is the elements that make up the video.

One of my favorite versions - UGA Men's Swim & Dive Harlem Shake

One of my favorite versions – UGA Men’s Swim & Dive Harlem Shake

The video begins with Baauer’s song, “Harlem Shake” and an image of an otherwise static group of people conducting normal activities.  One person, wearing a helmet of some sort, is dancing in an odd manner in an obvious place but no one in the room acknowledges the dance or the dancer. It’s when that convincing voice says, “Do the Harlem Shake”, that the group is now instantly replaced with bizarre, jerky and unusual dancing done by costumed people for only 15 seconds.  That leads me to another attractive part of the video, it’s only 30 seconds.  I have the attention span of a paper clip, but I can stay focused on anything for 30 seconds.  There’s no commitment.  You can watch it and move on, or watch it repeatedly if it’s one you particularly enjoy.

The Fine Brothers (TheFineBros) released their own video about how kids react to watching Harlem Shake videos.  It seems to perfectly sum up the general population’s reaction to these videos.   These kids are brutally honest and surprisingly on-point.

Since I work for Camden, having fun is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged.  I mean, one of our listed, printed, real life Brand Values is to “Have Fun”.  If that’s one of Camden’s Values, why would I NOT comply? During an otherwise productive team safety meeting, a random helmeted employee began dancing.  Before I knew what was happening, we were making a Harlem Shake video of our own!  The following week, Camden Asbury Village in Raleigh was having one of their resident social events.  People weren’t very talkative until that same helmeted man began dancing on the coffee table!  What do you think happened?  I’ll give you one guess…

How many apartment communities have had a resident social turned into a Harlem Shake video? I bet we aren’t the only Camden Community that has made their own video.  Are we?

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