Trade out the Pollen for the Sand – Move to the Beach

Spring is FINALLY here (pardon my pause while I do some somersaults) so in the spirit of the Wiz Khalifa song I’m gonna break it down for you. I drive a Black Jetta. It’s normally, ya know, just black. However, in the blooming stages of Spring, it’s black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow. I abhor the pollen. Yuck.

See that dusting of yellow, powdery awfulness?

See that dusting of yellow, powdery awfulness?

I so love Spring but my favorite is actually Sprummer. You know when Spring and Summer are kissing each other. It’s right before the temperatures around here get up to 112 degrees and you breathe in eight pounds of water with every breath because the humidity is so ridiculous. Flowers start to bloom, insects start to buzz around and dive-bomb you, your mind state starts to change and everything just comes back to life. I work at Camden Lake Pine and the flowers here just peeked their heads out and the Cherry Trees…well you have to see for yourself.

Cherry Tree

Cherry Trees

Cherry Tree at our entrance

Cherry Trees at our entrance

Spring is intoxicating but mostly I love it because it’s a promise that Summer is coming and when I think of Summer, I think of the beach. So if you crave to be by the beach all the way to your marrow, Camden has quite a few communities that are located along the West and East Coast.

For me personally, there is nothing better than sand inbetween my toes, the sun against my skin, the sound of the waves and the harmony inside of me from just being surrounded by the ocean. It’s an unrivaled feeling. If you are anything like that and you are considering a move to the beach, in true Jen form, I’ve compiled a list of Camden communities that are so close to the ocean, you can smell it in that awesome salty air.

Camden Aventura in Aventura, FL
Camden Las Olas in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Camden Brickell in South Miami, FL
Camden Lakes in St. Petersburg, FL
Camden Bay Pointe in Tampa, FL
Camden Westshore in Tampa, FL
Camden Woods in Tampa, FL

Camden Miramar in Corpus Christi, TX
Camden South Bay in Corpus Christi, TX

Camden Harbor View in Long Beach, CA
Camden Sea Palms in Costa Mesa, CA
Camden Martinique in Costa Mesa, CA
Camden Tuscany in San Diego, CA

So there you have it. Those are our coastal communities. A lot of these are quite stunning so prepare to have your mouth agape 97.65% of the time when researching your next move.

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  1. Agreed. I wish for the warm weather and wish the pollen to pass by fast. However, black and yellow are good colors (to everyone from Pittsburgh)…just saying.

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