Summa Summa Time…

So summer is almost here…well for some of us it feels like it is already here but technically speaking it doesn’t officially kick off until June 21st. With that being said, it doesn’t mean you have to put the kibosh on your urges to start your summertime activities. There is SO much to do when the days are long and the heat replaces the cold. Below are some ideas of what you can get yourself into to combat any summertime boredom that may creep up.

1. Have a Crawfish Boil

Crawfish Boil

Crawfish Boil

Okay. I know what you might be thinking. Why in the world would I want to have a Crawfish Boil? Ummm…because it’s amazing. Truth be told, you can actually do whatever kind of boil you’d like. It doesn’t have to be Crawfish. It can be crab legs, shrimp…anything really but I just so happened to have had my very first “mud bug” over this past weekend and it was a kind of “where have you been all my life?” situation. Low country boils are really easy for the most part, too. I’m lucky enough to live with someone who knows what he’s doing so the meal turned out ridiculously nom-nom. I mean look at this little fella.

World, meet my first Crawfish.

World, meet my first Crawfish.

2. Go Catfishing

My pretty Catfish Rod.

My pretty Catfish Rod.

Catfishing. Where do I even begin? It’s a lot of things. It’s chill, it’s frustrating, it’s fun, it’s luck, it’s skill, it’s messy, it’s incredible. Fishing in general is incredible but I really like catfishing at the moment. I caught my first Catfish (after quite a few fishing trips) this past Memorial Day and even though it was only like 8″ long, it was still quite exciting for me and I felt very accomplished. I was literally so proud of myself that I almost busted out a round of cartwheels. The best part is that you don’t even have to have a boat. You can shore fish and still catch catfish, bass, etc. You just have to find a good spot and know what kind of conditions make for the best fishing possible.

3. Take your dog to a Dog Park

Look at the mither go!

Look at the mither go!

This is a simple one. Not only does it help your dog let loose pent up energy, but it gets you outside, too. That handsome devil of a dog up above was having the best. day. ever. He was running around like a cracked out puppy and didn’t want to leave. I had the best time watching him have the best time. (P to the S. If you are wondering about the word in the caption…he is called a mither. I know nobody will get it but that’s one of his nicknames. So rest assured it was not an auto-correct or lost my mind typo.)

4. Go to a Baseball Game

Peanuts and crackerjacks. Durham Bulls Baseball.

Peanuts and crackerjacks. Durham Bulls Baseball.

I LOVE going to baseball games. Beer and baseball. It’s fantastic. We have a farm team down here called the Durham Bulls and their games are so much fun to attend and the tickets are super cheap. If you have a farm team where you live, you can get the full schedule online and even buy tickets. Boom. It’s that easy.

5. Go to a movie…OUTSIDE

Outdoor movie at NC Museum of Art.  Photo courtesy of Em for Marvelous.

Outdoor movie at NC Museum of Art.
Photo courtesy of Em for Marvelous.

Movies are always indoors…BORING. But wait for it…in the summer…you can see one outdoors. It’s bloody great. The NC Museum of Art hosts outdoor movies all summer long. They play oldies, newbies and the stuff inbetween. You can’t beat it with a stick. Bring your dinner, your drinks and a blanket and cozy up next to your better half. It’s great to do with your friends, too. It’s a good time. I promise.

6. Make a fire

S'mores anyone?

Smore’s anyone?

So it’s a sizzling summer night and what do you do? Make a fire in your backyard, a lake shore, somewhere. There’s nothing quite like a night fire. It kind of just lets you slow down for a moment, take a breath and just enjoy life. (Please, of course, be careful and safe with your fire.)

7. Cornhole

Cornhole boards. Photo courtesy of WBGFRocks.

Cornhole boards.
Photo courtesy of WBGFRocks.

Ah, the game of Cornhole. I learned to play Cornhole in college and I really dig playing it. I honestly don’t do it much anymore but if you put me in front of a couple boards, chances are I’ll take a bag and go from there. There are rules to Cornhole, naturally, and you have to have access to boards, make your own boards (which I’m sure you can find a tutorial on Pintrest) or purchase boards in order to play the game. Camden Lake Pine, where I work, is hosting a Cornhole Tournament for all of our residents in June. It’s going to be fabulous and if you don’t live here, you’ll wish you did. Most, if not all, of our Camden communities host some sort of summer event. So make sure to keep your eyes open to any annoucements showing up on the resident portal. You wouldn’t want to miss out on anything.

8. Drive to the beach

The beach.  Photo courtesy of EPA.

The beach.
Photo courtesy of EPA.

This is a no brainer for the summer but since I am so obsessed with the beach, I had to put it in the list. I can go on and on and on about the beach but I won’t. You can experience it for yourself and know what it means to you to just be there.

This obviously does not even remotely come close to all of the things you can do in the summer. You can go to concerts, finish a project a week that you find on Pintrest, throw a dart at a map and just go there, take a hot air balloon ride, rent a bike and ride the coast, make your own slip and slide and freak out on it, play grass twister (spray paint the dots on the grass), go camping, catch fireflies in a mason jar…and see there I go. I could make a list four thousand one hundred thirteen miles long. And I would, but WordPress limits my characters. Well that, and the average human attention span on a website is about one minute.

Cheers to your best summer yet.

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