What Are Your 2014 Goals?


In the past New Years goals and resolutions felt like a prom date; they’re a lot of fun to think about for a night or two, but the moment Monday rolls around they’re “so last week”. This year, I’m not going to hang my head in shame when the promises I made to myself fall by the wayside. Instead, I’ve vowed to make my goals count and become a better me in 2014. I’ve come up with a few tips for you that I’ve been using so far this year and keeping at the top of my priority list. Check em’ out. Hopefully they will help you, too!

1.) Get very specific about your weight loss goals

Anyone can say “I want to lose weight”. Its an entirely different thing to say, “I’m going to lose weight by going to yoga on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.” This year, one of the first steps I made in order to commit to my specific weight loss goals is I joined Yoga One in Midtown. They are currently offering 30 days unlimited yoga for only $30! You can’t beat that. I live at a Camden community, and with 3 amazing Camden locations in Midtown yoga one is central and convenient to meet this goal of mine.

2.) Clean out the clutter

In my opinion, clutter and stress are best friends and they go everywhere together. If your house is cluttered, you’re probably stressed, too. The old Amanda would have allowed last weeks mail pile to stay on the dining room table for two weeks without throwing it away. Anyone else do this? Lets be better in 2014 and clear the clutter. Take the time to purge your apartment or home of things that don’t really matter or serve a purpose anymore. Why not start today? A good place to start would be to set up three large boxes and separate things to “keep” things to “donate” and things to “throw away”. This will get you off to a great start on your path to organization.

3.) Be more honest 

Be more honest with yourself and others. Just, be honest. I’ve learned in the last 28 years of my life that honesty goes a long way in all types of relationships. Even if you have to give someone bad news, its so much better to get it off your chest with honesty. Being honest makes me feel clean and there is nothing better than telling the truth.

4.) Be more positive 

Be more positive. This is fun and simple to do. Instead of looking in the mirror and saying “i look so fat, my pores are huge and I have man shoulders” you should look in the mirror and tell yourself positive things like “I love my hair today!” “I’ve lost weight!” and “I’m so lucky to have these amazing green eyes”… get it? Its so easy to see all of the negative things in life we often forget the positive. We are all amazing, special and beautiful people! We just need reminding once in a while! I’m not saying that we should all stick our head in the sand and ignore life’s less than pleasant situations. I’m just saying that positive thinking can have a desirable effect on our overall health. You have absolutely nothing to lose, right?

5.) Eat Healthier 

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of the benefits of eating healthier. Just make a choice to develop better eating habits in your daily life and stick with it. My simple rule of thumb is: I should see multiple colors on my plate. Oranges, Greens, Purples … yum! Eat your greens, control your portions and try new things!

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