Camden went to the Super Bowl!!

Last week, Crystal Tolento posted a blog about the contest that Camden had put on to send a few lucky Camden employees to the Super Bowl.

There were a lot of great videos submitted and the lucky winner of the actual contest was Kimberly Bortz from Camden’s IT Department! There were two additional tickets awarded to Kyle Jones after there was a big showing of support to send Kyle Jones home to NY to see his favorite team, the Denver Broncos, play in the Super Bowl. Kyle and I work together at Camden Amber Oaks and I don’t think these tickets could have been given to a more perfect person! He was so excited when he got the call from Ric Campo!

For more details on the contest and how the winners were selected, Go to: to see Crystal’s blog!

Kimberly took her husband, Kent, and Kyle to his girlfriend, Alissa Karsten (another Camden employee) on this amazing trip to The Big Apple! They returned earlier this week with a lot of pictures and stories so I wanted to share some of them!


They all arrived in New York. Kimberly and Kent spent the evening touring Time Square and went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Time Square


Kyle and Alissa went to the World Trade Center Memorial and visited the Hudson River. They also took the opportunity to eat some, “Real Italian Food!”

Hudson River


Kimberly, Kent, Kyle and Alissa met with Ric and Keith at the Stardust Diner for breakfast!

Stardust Breakfast

Saturday night, everyone went to the Taste of the NFL event. There were chefs representing the hometown of every NFL team and at each table there were NFL Hall of Famers.  They had a lot of fun eating and getting autographs.  As the party wound down, there was a boat they could board and go tour the harbor which had a beautiful view of NYC and the Statue of Liberty.

Taste of the NFL

Taste of the NFL


Taste of the NFL

Taste of the NFL


All four of them loaded a bus around 1:30pm to head to stadium. They were amazed to find that they were sitting 2nd row behind the Broncos end zone! Being that they were all Broncos fans, watching the game was difficult at times, but they were so excited to be there!  They enjoyed the half time show and the confetti shower when the game was over.



Super Bowl

Super Bowl

Super Bowl

They were scheduled to return home on Monday but their flights were cancelled due to a snow storm! Staying an additional day gave them an opportunity to explore NYC more. Kyle and Alissa went to see the Brooklyn Nets play a game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Kimberly and Kent went to see Rock of Ages and ate some New York Cheesecake at Juniors. They all returned back to home on Tuesday!

All four of them have said this was an experience of a lifetime and they feel very fortunate to have been selected to go on this amazing trip!

This contest was a great opportunity for our Camden Family get to know each other better! Thank you to Camden for the fun contest and helping make dreams come true!

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