February Decorating Tips

My New Book Shelf!

My New Book Shelf!

       I’ve been in the mood to decorate this month. I’ve bought a few new pieces to add to my apartment home & one that I would especially love to share. I recently moved to a Camden community and  my apartment is a lot larger than my previous which isn’t a bad thing but I don’t have much to fill it up. This past weekend I searched for a new book type shelf for my living room. My luck I found one that I LOVED and it was only $15. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! 🙂 I rushed to my nearest Ikea and I bought the last one (they have them available online too). I immediately rushed home and begged my boyfriend to help me put it together, which he did without having to beg too much. After I was done I displayed some of my favorite books, pictures and trinkets.

 It only takes a few minutes to change things up in your apartment. If it’s a new place or just a little monthly re-vamp it only takes a few things to make it look fresh & new.

  • Book Shelf
  • Accent Lamps
  • Rugs (Stripes, Floral, Accent Color)
  • Coffee Table Trinkets (Books, Coasters, Games, Trays)
  • Frame a memorable Card/Postcard


February Decorating Ideas

February Decorating Ideas


I LOVE YOU 3 Pack Candle Set / They Lived Happily Ever After Tray / Ikea Metal Shelving Unit / Black and White Rug /

Animal Coaster Set / Wes Anderson Collection Book – Table Book Yellow Table Lamps / Aluminum Camera- Decor

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