The Difference Between Camden and Flappy Bird

It looks so cute, but this little bird will suck your soul!

It looks so cute, but this little bird will suck your soul!
Image: Flappy Bird

Did you know that there is a difference between Camden and Flappy Bird? Ok. You got me. Of course there is! Everything is different between Camden and Flappy Bird! Camden is a huge company that provides beautiful apartment homes for people to rent. Flappy Bird is a deceptively difficult mobile game that will slowly steal your life while you try to prove to your friends and family that you can master flying a tiny bird between Mario-like tubes. In fact, the only similarity the two share are their cute little avian mascots.

My lame Flappy Bird score. Sigh...

My lame Flappy Bird score. Sigh…
Image: Flappy Bird

I was first introduced to Flappy Bird just a couple weeks ago by my 11 year old daughter. She informed me that I MUST download Flappy Bird because EVERYONE was playing it. I quickly found myself drawn to the simplistic graphics and the nostalgic feel of the game. Pretty soon my entire family was trying to one-up each other’s scores. My husband threw down a family challenge that involved a reward for the first person to reach 20 points. I assumed I had this in the bag since I am the family gamer, but my hopes were quickly shattered as I languished at 10 and my daughter ended up with a streak of 53! How is that even possible! We were having so much fun playing the game that we were initially oblivious to the drama playing out behind the scenes. After rising to the top of the charts on both the iTunes and Android app stores, the game was suddenly taken down this past weekend. The reason for its sudden departure is truly unknown to anyone but its creator, Dong Nguyen, however theories abound on the internet. The most popular and believable reason is that Nguyen could not take the criticism of his game any longer. It is a perfect example of the saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” When you put your time and energy into something and then ask people to tell you what they think of your hard work, they will! The app store rankings are entirely dependent on user ratings and reviews. The same thing that made Flappy Bird a viral sensation also seems to be the thing that brought about its demise. Although the game had enough stars to make it #1, there were still troves of people who hated the game so much they loved it. According to one recent estimate, the game generated 16 million mentions on Twitter, and, surprise, not all of them were positive.

I can completely understand how difficult it must have been for Nguyen to show his baby to the world, only to have it called ugly. It is always hard to hear that your work is not perfect. Here is where Camden is different. We have learned that complaints equal opportunity. We ask our customers to tell us how we are doing: we send surveys to both our prospects and current residents, we encourage people to talk about their experience on Apartment Ratings, and we are engaged in social media on Facebook and Twitter. We want to hear what you think! The downside to that is the reviews are not always glowing and research shows that people are more likely to go online to share negative experiences rather than positive ones. As much as we want to always live up to our promise to provide Living Excellence to our residents, sometimes things happen that interfere with that goal. If a resident has a neighbor who smokes too much, throws loud parties or parks too close to the garage, etc., often the first time we usually hear about it is after reading a review on the internet. Instead of becoming bitter and defensive, I see this as a great opportunity to turn things around!  It excites me to see that we have a problem that we can work to overcome together. My experience is that most of my gloriously happy residents started off disappointed by something, but we were able to work through our issues and they became Camden fans! Camden’s commitment to our customers means that we will read and respond to every review, the good, bad and the ugly. Your voice is heard loud and clear and we want to do everything in our power to live up to your expectations. On the flip side, positive reviews make our day! I know everyone is crazy busy in today’s world, but even one sentence can put a smile on our faces! If you love your apartment, let the world know! If for some reason you cannot give your community a perfect score, let your management team know. We are here to help you enjoy your apartment home experience.

Let us know how much you love your Camden apartment home!

Let us know how much you love your Camden apartment home!

If you currently live at a Camden community, this is our chance to thank you! We love our residents! If you are not a Camden resident, what is taking you so long! We want to welcome you home.

Now, back to my game! I’m crossing my fingers that I can reach 11 soon! Come on little Flappy Bird!

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