#SNOWpocalypse 2014

SNOmg!! Snow! Snow!!

photo courtesy of www.makeameme.org

photo courtesy of http://www.makeameme.org

Anyone watching the news last week knows that the southern states were subject to a massive winter storm. Many of our roads were closed, employees unable to get to work and life as we know it came to a standstill for about 2 days.

I cannot speak for my colleagues in other states, but I know that those of us located in the Carolinas were the butt of MANY jokes this week. We have heard the commentary of our Northern brethren and no matter how funny they might have been, we would LOVE the opportunity to set the record straight 🙂

photo courtesy of www.thedailyshow.com

photo courtesy of http://www.thedailyshow.com

To anyone who currently lives or has lived in the South, you know that we are accustomed to high temperatures, lots of sun and almost to die for weather most of the year round. “Winter” is a term highly foreign to us and some of our family members and children have never even seen snow until last week. Our cities do not budget for snow or ice and snow plow trucks are a bit like dragons, mythical. Last week, Charlotte, NC saw the most snow it has seen in approximately 10 years with some areas reaching up to 10 inches of it.

To give you an idea of what snow days are like in Charlotte, NC, take a look:

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014:

The small flurries started to fall. No snow actually stuck on this day, but within a 7 hour time period, 77 accidents had been reported in the area, some, unfortunately, life threatening. We had heard tell that through the day police stopped responding to fender benders, instructing drivers to exchange insurance information and continue on. Schools in the surrounding area all closed 2 hours early.


Wednesday, February 12th, 2014:

Having had a small dose of winter weather the day before, the schools in surrounding areas had decided not to even open for the day. Most of us came to work because the snow from Tuesday had melted and allowed us to believe we were in store for a quiet, weather adventureless day. About 2 hours after appearing at work and opening our Welcome Center the snow started. It was coming down hard and it was easy for us to see what was coming. Those of us that did not live onsite were instructed to begin what would soon become an almost 2+ hour ride home. Within the next few hours the roads began to close, interstates started freezing over making it nearly impossible to drive on. Many people sat in traffic for hours and those unequipped with snow tires (ummm.. everyone. lol) who sat too long were soon snowed in and forced to walk or find shelter until they could return for their vehicles. It took me about 2 hours to make a trip that usually takes 15 minutes. The grocery stores and gas station supermarkets had been pillaged and bread and water had become something to fight to the death over.

I-277 intersection and Independence Blvd. The quickest way into the city....almost quick. hehe

I-277 intersection and Independence Blvd. The quickest way into the city….almost quick. hehe

My view driving home on Wednesday. Where is the road?

My view driving home on Wednesday. Where is the road?

Thursday, February 13th, 2014:

This day must have been the most bittersweet of them all. The schools were closed again due to the overwhelming drama that occurred the day before. Waking up to sheets of beautiful, pure, sparkling snow lining the streets, sidewalks, cars, trees etc was a truly lovely sight, something that I had not seen since moving to Charlotte from Germany 7 years ago. The realization that making it to work was impossible was a bit stressful but this is something that I think many were also expecting.

My block in Matthews, Thursday morning

My block in Matthews, Thursday morning

My block in Matthews, Thursday morning

My block in Matthews, Thursday morning

Thursday was the day of “Winter Heroes”. Our onsite living staff, nearby walking staff and overnight sleeping staff were able to make it to work, sometimes even at different properties, to keep Camden up and running. Almost all of the Camden Properties in the area were able to stay open for some form of business that day. Here are some of the stories:

CM Jamie Malecki shoveling at Camden Stonecrest

CM Jamie Malecki shoveling at Camden Stonecrest

Jamie Malecki, CM at Camden Dilworth, unable to make it to her own property, held it down at Camden Stonecrest. She went above and beyond by shoveling the snow herself! Work it out, girl!! Thank you for helping to make the path to the Welcome Center nice and smooth.

LC at Camden Foxcroft, Laura Riss says "We're Open!"

LC at Camden Foxcroft, Laura Riss says “We’re Open!”

Laura Riss, LC at Camden Foxcroft held it down and made sure the Welcome Center was able to open. Just up the road from Foxcroft, Camden Fairview was able to stay open because Maintenance Technician, Tom Brook, opened the office. He then walked to Foxcroft to help Laura! Teamwork. Awesome guys!

Snow Divas, CM Ruth Faircloth and LC Rachel McAdams of Camden Pinehurst

Snow Divas, CM Ruth Faircloth and LC Rachel McAdams of Camden Pinehurst

No stopping our snow divas, CM Ruth Faircloth and LC Rachel McAdams from enjoying the snow while staying open at Camden Pinehurst. Oh, and then what?

CHILI @ Pinehurst

CHILI @ Pinehurst

CHILI!! Enjoy,Pinehurst!

These are only some of the stories of those that were able to help Camden stay open and help residents in need. We thank everyone for the amazing teamwork and for showing everyone how Camden Charlotte pulls together in time of “Apocalypse”!! hahaha!

Snow doesn’t fall as much as we wish it would in Charlotte. We are all happy to have been a part of this event….. However, this week we are expecting 70 degree weather…. Bring it on North Carolina!! We are ready!

photo courtesy of www.memejelly.com

photo courtesy of http://www.memejelly.com

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