Gibby’s Corner – Love Your Pet Day is a REAL Holiday!

Photo compliments of Pinterest

Photo compliments of Pinterest

Hi Everyone!  Gibby Boy here to fill you in on some amazing news!  I just found out that there is a special day (February 20th) that is designated as “Love Your Pet Day”.  OK, so at my house, I have my humans trained really well, and EVERY day is love your pet day around here (snuggles, love and cookies are pretty free flowing), but I am just so excited that I have to tell you about this day! I bet my mom and dad will do something special for me, my brother Yogi and my sister Shadow, but just in case they get busy, I don’t want them to forget, so here are some great ideas!

1.  Take us for an extra walk!  We really love to be busy and walking helps us stay healthy.

2.  Give us a special treat.  You know, maybe one of those bones from the butcher, but make sure it’s safe and I can’t get it stuck on my mouth like my brother did –  (what a dummy!  explaining that one will have to be another blog)

3.  Give us a new toy.  EVERYONE likes to get presents!

4.  Treat me to a spa day!  OH WOW – I love to go to the spa and get a shampoo and my haircut! (just remember that cats aren’t so excited about this, so you might want to skip this one)

5.  Give us extra attention and loving….we really like this!

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