This Ain’t My First Rodeo


Who else is getting REALLY excited about the 2014 Houston Rodeo? The Rodeo is a big deal in Houston. Its fun, we have longhorns there, and sometimes really amazing people come to play like Usher, The Band Perry & Blake Shelton! The Rodeo has everything you could ever want if you’re a Texan. Meat on a stick, cowboy/cowgirl boots, and LOTS of roping cows. Its a TEXAS tradition! Have you ever been to the Houston Rodeo? Let me tell you a little bit about it.

The Rodeo would not be possible without the dedication of 29,000 volunteers! Yes, I said 29,000! The Rodeo helps to encourage better agricultural production in Texas and supports thousands of students of all ages with educational funding, while providing affordable and FUN entertainment for Houstonians. Did I mention the cows? The Rodeo is from 3/5-3/28!

You can purchase tickets HERE!


Camden is so amazing because we have communities in Midtown Houston right by the METRO light rail. If you live at Camden, you won’t even have to pay to park or worry about driving around for 3 hours trying to find parking at Reliant Arena. All you have to do is bring your walking boots and take the lightrail! It will drop you off right at Reliant Arena doorstep! How awesome is that?!

Who are you looking forward to seeing perform at this years Houston Rodeo?

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