Moving can be Painless: 5 Steps for an Easy Move

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Take this from someone who is considered a nomad. Let’s just say I’ve moved about 10+ times in my 25 years of life. I’ve learned a lot from my Mother who I would say is an expert in my eyes. It can be overwhelming and very stressful if not done right so take the time to think about it and help yourself out.

1. Make a list

For the new apartment and the old apartment of things you need take to the apartment or things you need to buy.


This is your time to get rid of the old. Most times you can give away these items or sale them for some extra moving money.

3. Pack per Room

It’s easier to box everything by room so that you’re not frantically unpacking to find things.

4. Boxes…

We all love free boxes but in reality they aren’t always the most durable and the best for moving. If you can buy new boxes do that, also packing tape and you will always need a sharpie.

5. Items that work together go together.

TV remotes get taped to the top of the TV, and so on. Makes it just less frustrating when you’re running around looking for that DVD remote.

Moving isn’t always fun, well it’s never fun. But getting organized and not waiting last minute will help a ton and will make it less painless when it’s time.

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