A picture is worth a thousand words…

We may not always like to see ourselves in pictures, but when someone else is in the frame, it becomes a different story. Why is that? I believe it is because you can learn a lot about a person by seeing pictures taken of them when they were little, on a great vacation, or during special occasions like a birthday or graduation party. We like to see pictures of others so we can get to know them better through their experiences captured by a camera. People express themselves while a photo is being taken. You have those people who never smile in a picture, who can’t sit still to take a picture, and those who can’t help but make a funny face in a picture. Photos can also be very powerful. They have the ability to make you feel different emotions such as joy, or sadness. Maybe they can even bring back fond memories of people and places.  

Photo courtesy of Etsy.com

I’m gonna date myself with this next statement, but I can remember a time when I used a Kodak camera. It had a roll of film that you carefully put into place and cranked in order to advance the film to the first frame. Once set, you were taking picture after picture hoping you got it right. Eventually, you’d take the roll to get developed only to find that many pictures were out of focus, had bad lighting, contained color distortion or even the creepy “red eye” due to the flash. Selfies were taken with those cameras too! You just didn’t know if you would get your head in the shot. In the past, sharing the pictures that did turn out good meant lugging around a giant 500 sheet photo album; you know the one. Your mom had it hidden away until your friends came over. Then when you weren’t looking, she would start showing them your baby pictures. The classic bathtub shot, trying to walk around in dad’s shoes, and the ever so popular, food all over your face pic. So embarrassing! 

Well, times have changed. There are still countless pictures that could make you red in the face but the way we share them has greatly improved. Now with advancements in technology, you can take a picture any time or place with your smart phone, tablet or digital camera. You can preview it, change it, and save it in the Cloud. And with the touch of a finger (and a cool app) you can start sharing what’s important to you in an instant. One of the main reasons people use Facebook is to keep in touch with family and friends they don’t see often. They want to see pictures of events in their loved ones lives, so that they can feel as if they were there with them, even if they cannot be. It is this need for connection and self expression that makes sites like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so popular. Why not use technology to share your life as you’re living it? 

Our new District Manager in South Florida, Jodi Watkins, has set up a photo sharing community via Shutterfly. It is an online sharing service that lets you connect, communicate, and share photos and memories with your friends and family through your own, personalized Web site. She has asked every employee to add photos in three different album categories: “My favorite things”, “My favorite family photo”, and “My favorite pet photo”. We are to add a caption to each one explaining a little about the picture and why it is our favorite. What a great way to find out more about our co-workers! I have enjoyed seeing pictures of various vacation spots, everyone’s adorable pets, and their wonderful families and friends. Finding out what are some of my co-worker’s favorite things has definitely helped me feel closer to them. Some of Camden’s Values are that of being a Team Player and Having Fun. Bringing the South Florida team together by sharing photos in this fun way is what Camden is all about.   

If you are looking for a work environment that celebrates your individuality and a company that has been voted #11 in the Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For (7 years in a row), then log on to www.camdenliving.com/careers. Come join in the FUN! 


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