Its a bird… Its a plane… Its IT Superhero Theme Day!!!


A long time ago, on a cold winter’s day. The BSC team decided it was time to play.

We wanted an event, something so fun and new.

That eventually it would overtake the whole Camden crew.

 We mused and we pondered, we thought as hard as we could.

Until BAM! An idea hit us, and we knew it was good.

The idea? Are you wondering? It’s so worth the wait;

THEME DAY was born, and the idea is GREAT!

What is Theme Day? It’s simple, and it’s definitely fun

The themes will change, so you can be nearly anyone!

Elaborate or simple, goofy or serious;

Theme Day is about having fun, so it still counts as business!

There are some rules, some simple guidelines to know:

Wear pants, keep it classy, and help make this tradition grow!


Shirley Arnold came to save the day! Hunting down ghosts is her forte.


Oh myyy myyy! What have we here? A rivalry between Clark Kent and Bat Girl… OHHHH DEAR!!!

(Shannon Janz & Beverly Aniekwe pictured above) 

brice pic

Brice Washington drives a Batmobile, and yes he is VERY strong, he saves the BSC from evil network crashes all day long!

Shana & Tara

Tara & Shana, here to soar through the skies! Tara makes people in her belly and Shana can FLY!


Mike Thomson is our hero, yes indeed! He is here to show the BSC how to SUCCEED! Superhero day is our favorite day by far, the IT team has arrived to set the bar!

Camden we love and Camden we trust, Camden makes all of this possible because Camden cares about US!

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