Seasons 52 – Eating out for Less in Highland Village?

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

By nature I am a skeptical person and when you tell me something I will naturally question it. That’s why I was incredibly interested (and skeptical) on my first visit to Seasons 52. This great restaurant in the inner loop of Houston, with a seasonally inspired menu, boasts that their menu items are under 475 calories. Seriously? I don’t believe you, Seasons 52.

On my first visit I interrogated the waiter. “Is it really under 475 calories? Is that just the entree or the entire plate?” I was sure they were trying to trick us. When they said it was the entire plate I still was sure that we’d be eating baby portions and not a normal size meal.

Well, I don’t know how they did it, but Seasons 52 delivered an amazing, normal size meal with a guarantee that it was under 500 calories.

Plank Grilled Salmon = YUM

Seasons 52 Plank Grilled Salmon = YUM

And did it taste good? It was amazing!

The other reason it’s amazing? The location in Highland Village is great – close to several of our inner loop Camden communities. Go check Seasons 52 out!

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