10 Things for the Spring Bucket List

Spring time is among us and the weather is beautiful!  It’s time to clean up the house and organize, plant some flowers and make everything look wonderful again.  However the most important thing about spring for people like me is all the outdoor activities that we can do.  A lot of people are planning their spring break vacations to California, Florida, Hawaii or even here in Las Vegas to let loose and drink and do who knows what.  There is more to spring however than simply going out and drinking to cut loose.  Most people wouldn’t think that here in Las Vegas we have tons of parks and trails and amazing outdoor activities available to us every day.  When you think of Las Vegas, you think of mega resorts, gambling, clubs and indulging in all the alcohol you can consume.    For me, none of those activities are appealing, instead I would rather go on a long bike ride with my wife and kids, have a picnic in one of our incredible parks throughout the valley, maybe go on a hike through Red Rock or Valley of Fire or even head out to the lake and camp for the weekend.  Seeing how a lot of people don’t know where to begin or even how to get off of the Las Vegas strip, I decided to put a list together of alternative activities to do this spring while the weather is still nice.


1:  Ride a bike in the spring time:

Get on your bike and ride the trails and bike paths that wind throughout the valley.  It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you have, there is a path or even a bike park for everyone.  The important thing is to get outside and peddle until you can’t go any further and then peddle some more.


2:  Go on a hike in the spring time:

Hike and Climb through Red Rock and Valley of Fire.  Some of the most beautiful and picturesque views can be seen right here in Clark County. Photographers come from all over the world to capture the breathtaking views we have right here in our backyards.


3: Make time for a picnic in the spring time:

Have a picnic in the park with someone you love.  Throughout the valley there are some amazing parks that pop up inside and nearby Communities.  These often have lush grass, plenty of shade trees as well as, you guessed it, picnic tables.



Photo c/o EvolFeta Photography

4: Go for a jog in the spring time:

Take a morning or evening jog through your neighborhood.  Everyone has made that New Year’s resolution to get back in shape for the summer and now summer is right around the corner.  Get out of the gym and off the treadmill, take in some scenery while you are out on that jog through the trails and neighborhoods.  Make it a family event and watch everyone enjoy getting exercise together.


5.  Go to the mountains in the spring time:

Mount Charleston isn’t that far away and by now the snow is starting to melt away and the roads have been cleared.  Take in the breathtaking views and the clean mountain air and I recommend making an entire day of it.  It’s amazing how rejuvenating the fresh spring mountain air can be this time of year.




Photo c/o EvolFeta Photography

6. Fly a kite in the spring time:

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is going to a large clearing to fly a kite.  My idea of a kite might not be the same as your idea of a kite but either way it’s windy and the kites should be aloft in the blue skies.  Whether you are an extreme kite boarder with a huge power kite or just a kid with the $5 kite that you brought from the grocery store, nothing makes you smile like getting a kite into the air no matter how old you are.



7.  Feed the ducks in the spring time:

My kids love to go to Sunset Park to feed the wide variety of foul they have hanging around at the pond.  Take out some popcorn and bread and you will soon find dozens of feathered friends showing up to make your acquaintance.  While you’re there check out the new playgrounds that have recently been installed for the little ones or pick up a game of volleyball or basketball at some of the courts in the area.  If Sunset Park isn’t to your liking you may want to try Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs.  There you’ll find lush landscape, several ponds that are stocked with fish, marshes and even peacocks roaming about.


8.  Go to the Lake in the spring time:

Chances are if you live in the area you probably know someone with a boat; plan a day with your new best friend Lake Mead.  Even if you don’t have access to a boat you can still enjoy the lake and all it has to offer.  You can rent a boat and go for a swim or if you’re a more daring person, go cliff diving.  Just make sure the water is deep enough before you dive in and avoid the rocks that tend to stick out a little bit too far.  Nobody wants to ruin their spring break with a trip to the hospital.


9.  Go Camping in the spring time:

Take the weather in while it’s not too hot.  Grab your gear and go on a camping trip with your friends and family, tell ghost stories and roast marshmallows by the fireside.  There are campsites for all levels of camping hidden throughout the valley, disconnect from the power grid and enjoy some peace and quiet.


10.  Make art on the sidewalk in the spring time:

Now I’m not talking about graffiti or anything permanent but I have seen some amazing art done by sidewalk chalk recently.  Why not give it a try for yourself and if it doesn’t come out exactly the way you wanted it spray it down with the hose and viola, all gone.


There you have it, 10 things to put on your bucket list for this spring.  Get them all done and then start planning for summer.  Most importantly take pictures of all the memories that you will be making this year and share them with the world.  Make your friends jealous of how much fun you had by disconnecting from the living room multi media center and by getting outdoors, you won’t regret it.


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