Camden Personal Theater – Our Newest Amenity

Camden is committed to provide the most luxurious experience to all our residents and we are excited to announce a great new amenity that is immediately available to all our customers – a personal theater system!

This revolutionary idea will ensure that all Camden residents have the most technologically advanced living experience that we can provide. Check out how to make this experience yours TODAY!

Camden Personal Theater

Create your very own personal theater.

We hope you enjoy this new amenity.  Click here to learn more.

10 thoughts

  1. Love it! I used a refrigerator box, my tablet and cut multiple head slots so my friends and I could watch at the same time … just different angles.

  2. This is ridiculous. There is no way you can watch a movie … and eat popcorn. #whatever

  3. #CPTs are the future! I’m so done with those pesky 3D TVs and annoying glasses. I’ve had this idea for years and to see it in person…was unbelievable.

  4. As a man, I love that I can tear up and watch one of my favorite movies like Beaches and no one had to see me cry

  5. I longed for meaning in my life … I searched long and hard to discover my true calling. With Camden’s new amenity, I now know how to spend my days, and look forward to coming home and putting my very special box over my head! Thanks Camden! YOU ROCK!

  6. Wow! I was not sure at first, but this really really works! Thank you, Camden for thinking outside the box. Er – I guess in this case… for thinking “of” the box.

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