Drop a penny in it! This is not just an old wives tale it works!

Spring has sprung and tulips are blooming all over. I was super excited when my boss walked in with Tulips for all the girls in the office. The tulips had only been sitting on my desk for a day and this is what they looked like.

Tulips before

Tulips before I fix them up!

The tulips are beautiful but they had begun to sag and so I took action. I remember being told about an old wives tale that if you drop a penny in it the tulips will come back to life. So I figured it was worth a shot. I cut the tulip’s steams and place two copper pennies in bottom of the vase.

Drop a penny in it!

Drop a penny in it!

Then I added a little bow to add some color and this is what I ended up with.

Happy Tulips!

Happy Tulips!

My tulips are bright and happy again. Happy spring!! I’m a huge fan of old wives tales that help to make your life a little easier and brighter.

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