2014 Consumer Electronics Show


The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show took place at the beginning of January and the products that debuted, as per usual for the show, were groundbreaking. For years, CES has functioned as a platform where every major tech company imaginable can gather together and compete for audience attention with their newest and best gadgets. While that kind of competition may come off as unnecessary, or even childish, what it truly means is witnessing some truly awesome innovation! With each year that passes, the show becomes bigger and the technology becomes better. And, as always, one major area that reigned supreme was residential products.


Some of the biggest competition emerged from the television sector. But really, calling these gadgets only TV’s is equivalent to saying a Lamborghini is just a car. Leading the pack was Samsung, who debuted the world’s first bending TV, called the OLED 4K Ultra HD TV. Samsung also brought out their new Smart TV, which allows users to control almost every facet of their home, from temperature to lighting, through the television. It can even be connected to an ADT Pulse security system, which debuted at CES last year as a comprehensive home automation system (contact your closest Texas ADT dealer for pricing and packages).

LG Smart Oven

Some other breakthroughs in the home technology category were LG’s ovens and laundry machines. Before you roll your eyes at another “cleans better” or “cleans faster” claim, be aware that the cleaning efficiency is hardly the selling feature of these products. These LG ovens and laundry machines are able to be activated by text messages or voice interaction using a smart device, like your phone.

Belkin, who was also present, even introduced a crockpot able to connect to homeowners’ Wi-Fi. No more wondering if you forgot to start or turn off the appliance, since you can simply log on from anywhere and check! Yet another unanimously loved cooking product was the ChefJet Pro, a 3D candy printer. It’s a strange, but truly amazing, product that allows you to print 3D designs made out of sugar, chocolate, and other confections. Think sugar cubes shaped into perforated spheres or 3D outlines of diamonds in chocolate. It’s currently only geared toward professional chefs though, and you’d likely need that kind an elite chef’s salary to afford the $5,000-$10,000 price tag.

Attending CES 2014 meant wading through stall after stall of activity-tracking wearable bands. These fitness and health wristbands were around every corner, but one stood out slightly more than the others. The JayBird Reign was a particular audience favorite, partially due to its Android and iOS capabilities to log your calories burned, activity duration and sleep monitoring, but also due to its modern, attractive design. Not only will the JayBird tell wearers when to work out, it is also smart enough to notify users when they should take a break, or perhaps to catch up on some sleep. The wearable is ahead of the game, since it also makes sense of your activity and habits and creates a personalized “Go Zone” — a suggested balanced point of rest and activity which means users are operating in the healthiest way possible.

Monitoring your health is one thing, but what if you had someone — or something — to keep track of your chores and remind you when to accomplish daily household tasks? Perhaps you’ve made it a goal to do laundry once a week, need to make sure the kids are brushing their teeth, or you might even need reminders to run the dishwasher. The Mother, an eerie looking tracker that resembles a Russian doll, is designed to do exactly what its name insinuates: remind you of your tasks in a motherly, robotic fashion. Using a series of sensors that can measure motion and temperature, well enough to even time how long and how well kids are brushing their teeth, Mother can be used to do anything from monitoring the security of your home by placing a cookie on a door, to reminding you to take medicine that has a sensor on the pill box. A series of different tasks can be programmed into each system, which will nag users until they accomplish the set goals. Afterwards, all of the activities will be uploaded to Mother’s system.

As you can see, CES is never a dull time, no matter what products homeowners may be looking to take for a test run. The event is still growing, too, by including more industries and companies every year. But what makes it really great is that we, the consumers, are offered previews of the greatest up and coming, life improving products available.


Mother YouTube Video:



Author Bio:  Elizabeth Eckhart is a home improvement and energy efficiency blogger. She enjoys spreading her knowledge about keeping a green home, and can be followed on Twitter at @elizeckhart.

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