Shark Attacks in your Community Swimming Pool

Attention apartment residents, reports of swimming pool shark attacks have been increasing across the country. We’ve gathered some tips to help prevent a shark attack this swimming pool season.


Swimming pool shark attacks are increasing. Following pool rules has been found to prevent attacks. (Photo Credit: Unknown)

  • Report non-residents: Sharks have been spotted when unauthorized visitors are found meandering around the pool. Sparkling pools have been known to attract unruly masses who have been notorious for violating all rules. Please remember, this is your pool – notify your leasing office immediately. (In this case, it’s best not to warn the violators about the sharks).
  • NO GLASS CONTAINERS: No matter how careful you may be with your glass container, accidents happen. Nothing ruins a good time by the pool more than an injury caused by broken glass. Open wounds are the number one cause of shark attacks.

  • Only two guests per apartment home: Out of respect for your fellow residents, be sure to be considerate when sharing the pool space. Excessive thrashing of an over populated pool will attract a sharks attention.
  • No pets allowed: High in protein, pets within the pools enclosed perimeter make for a healthy snack for these villainous predators.
  • Wear Appropriate Swim Attire: Use of proper swim attire has been proven to detour shark attacks. Sharks have been known to follow the fashion trends and are targeting swimmers wearing denim and any trends deemed un-family friendly. Small children must be outfitted with proper swim diapers.
  • Stay out of the fountain pools: It has been the highest reported area of shark attacks.
  • Provide Identification: An authorized pool monitor may ask for proof of residency, don’t play dead. Playing dead won’t deter an aggressive shark and will only make you more attractive prey.
  • Stay sober: Any persons found intoxicated will be fed to the sharks.

Other tips to remember:

  • Do not yell “Hey y’all, watch this!”: Every injury that could  have been prevented begins with those words.
  • Littering, running, peeing and diving in or around the pool area have not been known to cause shark attacks, but are considered the mating call of the Swamp Monster. The Swamp Monster is not a welcomed guest so please keep it clean.
  • Relax and have fun: This tip has been proven time and time again to ward off any blood thirsty predators.

An extended list of pool rules are posted and should be followed.

Remember, only you can prevent shark attacks.


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