How To Live Without A Balcony

Deer seen out my window, no balcony needed.

Deer seen out my window, no balcony needed.


I’ve always lived in apartments or houses with nice-sized balconies or patios.  A few months ago, however, I began working at a Camden community that doesn’t offer either.  The community looks great and the floor plans are well thought out, but I’ve noticed that some new people to the community are having trouble coming to grips with life without a balcony (patio sets in common areas, plants lining the sidewalks and landscaping, etc.).  Here are a few ways to make your life more enjoyable if you move to an apartment without a patio:


1) Open your blinds: Sometimes, people with balconies focus on these as the main light source for their living space and completely ignore all the closed windows throughout the apartment.  For those without balconies, open all of your window blinds and notice how the light can open your space and give you a sense of nature at the same time.  For an added spring twist, open the windows entirely to let air in and sit down with a tall glass of sweet tea.  Now isn’t that nice?

2) paint your walls: Now that we’ve let more light in your home, we want the light to bounce around a little.  This means lighter colors throughout.  If your walls are painted darker colors, consider choosing a lighter option to give life to your space.  You may consider this idea for your furniture as well.

3) focus on the interior space: If your apartment has a balcony, it will often cut into the living room space.  This can lead to concerns if you have larger furniture.  Without a patio, your living room is left larger and without any awkward cuts or corners.  If this is the case in your home, maybe now’s the time to purchase that sectional you’ve had your eye on.

4) add indoor plants: Let it be known that I don’t have a green thumb, meaning that everything I touch seems to wither and die.  If you are great working with plants, I applaud you.  Use that skill to decorate your apartment.  You may be surprised how quickly you can forget about not having a patio when you have a few nice plants placed throughout your apartment with the windows open.


Life without a patio or balcony can be different, but focusing on the positives can make your home life a very enjoyable experience.  Spring is here, so enjoy it!

One thought

  1. Everyone wishes they had a balcony, but only a lucky few usually get them. But don’t be shy about opening your windows on a nice day! Get a fresh breeze blowing, put plants on the window sill, and hang light curtains to keep things breezy.

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