California Highway Patrol vs. Carpool Lane Violators

Follow the laws

Follow the laws

Today as I was on the freeway driving to work I saw a California Highway Patrol officer pulling someone over in the carpool lane. This made me think since its summer and a lot of people are traveling for graduations, vacations or work that you should check the laws before you make that drive.

Last year we took a road trip to Arizona to go visit some friends and I was in the carpool lane in Arizona. Once I entered the carpool lane I stayed in it for what seemed to be hours. In California the law is that you can’t cross over the double yellow or you will get a ticket. In Arizona the carpool lane is all white. This made me very nervous as I didn’t know if I was allowed to get out of the lane without getting a ticket. Don’t get me wrong I saw a lot of people crossing in and out but I was not 100% sure that was allowed. I could hear my dad’s voice in the back of my head saying if all your friends jumped off a bridge does that mean you should jump off the bridge to? As I drove further I saw signs that said the carpool was only a carpool lane during certain hours of the day as well. If I had read up on the laws I would not have double guessed myself.

The next thing that I think is really important is speed when traveling. Every state that I have been in has different rules when it comes to how fast you can drive.  Trust me when you are one of the only people on a freeway and the road is open I think it’s only natural to want to press down on the gas pedal a little harder. Then the one time that you do is the one time you see lights from behind that tree and that California Highway Patrol officer is going to pull you over. I seem to have the worst luck at night because I’m tired and I usually want to hurry. I think the best idea it to plan your trip out ahead of time. You can even plan out your vacation using this free template|.

The California Highway Patrol is everywhere and you want to make sure that you follow the rules of the road so you don’t have to pay a hefty fine. Make sure you have enough people to be in the carpool lane. When I was pregnant I had a crazy commute so I actually looked into the laws to see if I could drive in the carpool lane. The answer is no. The baby is not born so they don’t count it as two occupants. I know that the price of a ticket given to you by California Highway Patrol has jumped in the past few years as well so be smart about driving in California.

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