40 Days of Kindness

Myself and the awesome maintenance staff at Deerfield

Myself and the awesome maintenance staff at Deerfield

A smile a day will keep the rain away! Always keeping positive thoughts will not only help you throughout the day but can possibly help someone else. During the holidays it is easy to be jolly but what about after the New Year? Being a good person does not require much work but often times we all can forget. I am challenging all of our readers and myself to begin the 40 days of kindness challenge! I have a few ideas to help you get started! Simple enough to get us all revved up with kindness!

Tip 1: SMILE! It is easy to complain about the day to day mishaps? But we will try to turn the frown upside down! Smile at everyone! Camden believes we have the BEST residents and we love to see our residents happy! Meeting everyone with a smile is the best way to start things off on the right foot!

Tip 2: Donate some gently used items to a nearby shelter: With all the spring cleaning we are completing this time of year, I am sure many items are no longer in use! Camden Cares is a wonderful charity program Camden provides for our staff and residents to stay involved with the community! Stop by the welcome center with your donations; we are more than happy to find those items a new home!

Tip 3: If your schedule permits, visit a local nursing home or children’s hospital: Being around children can make anyone smile! Also donating some of your time at a nursing home will keep everyone forever young!

Tip 4: #FREEHUGS! Nothing makes you feel warm and cozy then a bear hug! As a Camden employee we are HUGE on hugs! I often call it a hug-a-thon during our company functions! Feel free to give a hug to someone…of course you may want to ask a stranger before going in for the hug!

Just some simple tips to get us all started! So who is up for the challenge? I will update everyone on how my challenge is going! Please feel free to leave any suggestions in our comment box!

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