Mobile Apps Take Over, Are you ready?

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Mobile Apps are taking over, are you ready for it? With the evolution of more and more advances in technology I am beginning to wonder if I am as tech savvy as I think I am! Is web browsing a thing of the past? I honestly hadn’t given much thought about the World Wide Web until my eleven year old son came home with a school project: Find 5 College websites online that you would like to attend. Research what the application process entails and what the requirements are for each university you choose. Sounds easy enough, right? My son was concerned and panicked over the assignment and for the life of me I could not figure out why. Then “the” comment was made; “Where is the app on here to find all this stuff mom?” At that very moment I realized that with the new era of technology evolving more and more each day, the younger generations are dependent on the smart technology that has taken over the world. Mobile Apps. Thanks to Apple and their revolutionary IPhone that created the world of mobile apps as we know it today launched the game change in June of 2007. Now mobile apps are seen everywhere and with multiple companies. Apple, Google, Windows all have some sort of mobile app system in place to aid to the tech-savvy consumer who relies on their apps to tell them everything.

Who doesn’t use mobile apps on their electronic devices? Not many tech-savvy consumers in the 21st century. From conveniently paying your bills with a mobile banking app, to ordering a pizza, or buying a movie ticket, there is a mobile app on electronic devices or computers that will do that for you. Mobile apps are so advanced that you can do mobile banking; pay your rent or credit card bills, and shop online all from the conveinience of any electronic device. There are well over one million mobile apps available to the consumers that will do just about anything you want it to. So why bother with the old http://www.? Many are beginning to wonder. The World Wide Web has taken on a new role in the past decade. Its primary use in todays society is to run software applications for businesses to be able to communicate in real time. It aids in making our work life easier as everything is done via computer and internet in today’s society. In our personal life, however, we rely heavily on smart technology that consists of smart phones, tablets, TV’s and other electronic devices. The tech-savvy consumer is constatntly on the go and we need everything right at our finger tips and mobile apps provide that for us within seconds.

Needless to say our youth and their ability to adapt so quickly to the ever changing technology world we know today have been spoiled by this modern day convenience. Honestly, we probably all are and we don’t even realize it. They are much more tech-savvy than anyone of us were at their age and this is only the beginning of whats to come. It wasn’t until an eleven year old boy asked the question of where to locate information that wasn’t easily located on an app that I even gave it a second thought. Have you given much thought to this new tech-savvy era we are currently in and more importantly, Are you ready for it?

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