Green Juice = Pure Happiness

I’m going to start out by saying that I live in Southern California. I live in a world filled with organic, gluten free, non-GMO, yoga loving, health conscious, pretty amazing people. I actually fall into most of these categories, and am definitely proud of this lifestyle I live, but I’m here to write about and admit my full addiction to green juice. For those that happen to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, or work with me in California, this blog post is not going to be a surprise. Ha! I’m always posting and talking about the benefits of this magical green juice I drink and love.

Sure, kale and spinach have been around a very long time, but it seems like they’ve both blown up as super foods in the past few years. If you’re like me, you’d rather not sit down and eat your veggies, but would still love the amazing health benefits you get from consuming them daily. While I make my own green juices/smoothies at home often, there is nothing in this world like a Tropical Cooler smoothie from Nekter Juice Bar. It’s coconut water, kale, spinach, coconut butter, banana and fresh pineapple. What?! Yes, it’s amazing. Go get one. Like now.

Juice 3

If you’re not in SoCal, it’s ok. Nekter also has locations in Arizona and even a few in the Dallas area. I’ve been lucky enough travel often for work and have complied my list of the best places to get the perfect green drink in places I’ve visited, specifically markets where we have Camden Apartment homes. Some of you lucky Camden residents and team members even have juice bars within walking distance of your apartments communities, lucky ducks! Exercise AND juice, what could be better? I also did some online research and read some Yelp reviews to help those of you find perfect green drinks in your own areas across the US. Trust me. Having a green juice/smoothie after a workout provides hydration, calms hunger and even gives you some needed vitamins and fiber too! (Especially the blended ones.)


I’m always asked about the benefits of juicing vs. blending, so I’ve also included a pretty sweet infographic I came across during my green smoothie research. Here’s to health, fitness and living the green life. Cheers!

Juice 2

My current top picks:

Los Angeles and Orange County: Nekter Juice Bar –

Las Vegas: Greens and Proteins –

Phoenix/Scottsdale: Nekter Juice Bar –

Denver Metro: Parsley –

Houston/River Oaks: Big and Juicy Juice Bar –

Dallas: Nekter Juice Bar –

Austin: JuiceLand –

Charlotte: Whole Foods Market –

Washington DC: Juice Joint Cafe –

Miami: Ten Fruits –



IMG_5946JESSIE MARMUROWSKI joined Camden in 2004 as a Leasing Consultant and moved her way to the regional office where she now works as the Regional Marketing Director for California and Arizona. Jessie has a wonderful husband, Phil, and anAustralian cattle dog, Logan, who frequently join them on their off-roading adventures.

3 thoughts

  1. I have a green smoothie every day, I make one fresh every morning! I love mixing in fresh berries with mine, and then a little honey or agave as a sweetener. MMMMMM! Great blog!

  2. not a big juicing fan. i prefer my vegetables steamed, not able to be drank. great blog though!

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