Dogs Playtime at the Bark Park

Waiting for bark park!

Waiting for bark park!

I recently moved to Camden Main & Jamboree in Irvine, California with a bark park and my big, lovable Chocolate Lab loves it! As the weather gets warmer more and more dog owners will be taking their dogs to the bark park to play, including myself. Like us, dogs need to socialize too and bark parks are a great place for them to meet new friends. As pet owners, we have a responsibility to make sure we are following some unspoken rules, the same as when we socialize at public events. I think the 4 most important rules to follow in a bark park are:
*Know your dog’s temperament. Make sure your dog has been around other dogs before the first time at a bark park. Do they bark at smaller/larger dogs? Do they not share well? Or are they just having a bad day? Just like us we wouldn’t go out to a party and be a grump the whole night!
*Good behavior. My 80 pound Lab thinks she’s a lap dog and loves giving kisses. She also has a bad habit of jumbing up on people to say hello. I think it’s adorable, but not all people like that when other dogs jump especially when the dog isn’t theirs. If your dog starts to act aggressive or is bothering other dog owners, then it’s time for the play time to end. Just like when you take children to the park, you have to keep a watchful eye at all times!
*Scoop your dog’s poop. Most bark parks have poop bags and trash cans. Use them BOTH! It’s always a good idea to carry extra bags with you, just in case. It’s amazing to me that someone will take the time to put the poop in the bag but then the bag ends up in the bushes instead of the trash can.
*Always have your leash. Especially in communities dogs should be on their leash until they are in the bark park. Not everyone in your community might like dogsand it’s unsafe for them. You never know if they will take off running if they see another friend. Also, if there would be a scuffle you can quickly get your dog out of the situation.
No dog or person is perfect but trying to follow these simple rules will make play time at the bark park enjoyable for everyone!

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