Lemony Kale Salad

Warmer months bring about lighter appetites. Kale, the leafy green, has made its way to the top of many foodie charts lately including mine. There are many ways to enjoy the robust taste of the healthy green foliage, but I will outline my favorite and super easy preference for my Kale fix. 

Lemony Kale Ingredients

First I wash a few bunches of Kale and tear the larger stems from the leaf. Some people like the stems, for more of a crunch.

I lightly press the leaves between two paper towels to dry them a bit, then place the washed leaves in a bowl.

Next, I squeeze the juice of a lemon into a smaller bowl, then add three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. I add a few twist of my favorite sea salt and black peppercorn grinder to taste and then whisk the ingredients together until frothy.

Next, I pour the mix over the kale, add about a cup and a half of shaved Parmesan cheese, then toss the ingredients until everything is coated nicely. Top it off with a little extra pepper and enjoy with your favorite sandwich, soup, or straight out of the big bowl like me.

Kale in a big bowl!

Kale in a big bowl!

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