Water Water Everywhere……Drink It!


We recently had a heat wave in Southern California and I noticed myself craving water, from fancy coconut water to simple tap water I just wanted to be drinking water. This caught my attention because normally I’m all about coffee, energy drinks, juices and of course the occasional glass of chocolate milk. So I looked up some facts about drinking water. Did you know that… … muscles consist of 75% water, your brain consists of 90% of water, and your blood consists of 83% water. No wonder drinking water is so important, your body craves it and needs it. Proper hydration, specifically from drinking water, is needed for your body to function properly. It aids in nutrient absorption by our organs, helps with metabolism, regulates body temperature, and can significantly help detoxify our bodies.

After I did some research I found out that there are good ways to hydrate which include drinking water, eating fruits (melons, apples, citrus fruits, cherries, pineapple) eating veggies (cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini), eating soups, and I even found out that drinking milk is helpful as well since it is made up of about 80% of water. However, there are bad ways to hydrate. Sodas and fruit drinks are loaded with sugar and can literally rob your body of hydration. Energy drinks are high in caffeine & sugar, and alcohol is high in sugar and actually dehydrates the body.

Drinking water is important! We’ve established that but, I wanted to know how much water to drink daily? There are tons of theories out there regarding water consumption and meeting your daily water requirement, there is even a human water requirement calculator and it is easy to get lost in all those theories. When it comes to drinking water I’ve noticed significant results from following this easy formula. Half your body weight in ounces of water daily.. For example, let’s say you weigh 270 pounds. That divided in half is 130 pounds. This person should be drinking 130 oz. of water a day.

So next time you find yourself thirsty…drink water! Your body will thank you.

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