Chore Chart Checklist helps to get your kids out the door in the mornings


I have two little girls and most mornings it is hard to get them ready and out the door in a timely manner. So I decided to look on in hopes that I could find some good advice on what to do. To my surprise kids are just like us and they like the satisfaction of crossing items off the list. I was able to find some great Chore charts to follow in the mornings. A few weeks ago I thought it was worth trying so I printed out a Chore Chart Checklist for my daughter to follow. To my surprise she has been crazy about it. Every morning she is checking off those boxes almost like it’s a little game for her. The only issue that I have had with the Chore Chart Checklist is that my oldest can’t read it since she is only five years old. In the morning when I’m trying to get ready she is always asking my husband and I to read it to her over and over and not completing the. So my solution to this is to make a checklist with pictures for her that way she can just look at the picture and know what to do. 


Since I added the pictures on the chore chart she has been a lot more successful at following it. Sometimes she gets a little too excited and checks off items before they are done. I would make sure that you double check that the tasks are competed. I told her that she can pick out a small reward in the dollar section at Target if she completes all the checks on the chore chart. I’m so excited about our results so far that I may start a few other charts maybe a chore chart for myself. I guess that means that Organization is the key to getting the rest of your life in order. 

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