Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Dad Who Has Everything!



Father’s Day is almost here! We only have 5 more days to hunt for the perfect gift for Dear Ol’ Dad! 6/15/2014 is the big day, and if you’re like me, you haven’t bought your dad a gift yet! Dads can be super difficult to buy for but i’m here to help! I came up with a list of 5 cool Father’s Day gifts that chances are he doesn’t have (yet). Check it out!

1.) Walgreen’s Personalized Photo Calendar

This is a big hit with dads! I bought one for my dad last year and he cried. Its only $30 but it makes a really special gift for a really special dad!


2.) Why a Daughter Needs a Dad Photo Book

This is a wonderful gift to give your dad if you have the time to spend to create it. For only $30, each page can be customized with your own special photos and sentiments. They also make this book in the version of “Why a Son Needs a Dad” – awww!


3.) Beer in a Box

If your dad loves to relax and drink a beer every now and then, this is the gift for him. Yes, beer in a box! The size of the box can vary from about $30 to $70. You can buy these at Spec’s. Its the gift that keeps on giving. I’m sure he will share!


4.) Personalized Guitar Pick – Sterling Silver – www.Etsy.com

My dad LOVES to play guitar! Its his passion in life. What better way to show him how much you love him than this awesome guitar pick! You can personalize the pick to say whatever you would like. The finished pick comes in a black pouch and can be shipped right to dad’s door!

Best. Gift. Ever.


5.) Quality Time

Qualify time is priceless! Take your dad fishing or take him to the driving range to hit a few golf balls. Nothing shows how much you appreciate your dad than good ol’ quality time.


Happy Father’s Day to all of the AMAZING Father’s out there!

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