Swimming Pool Etiquette

When you leased your apartment, one of your favorite features was the beautiful swimming pool and now that summer is here, you are excited to finally have the opportunity to use it. A fun and relaxing day at the pool can quickly turn into a nightmare if you or those around you are not following proper pool etiquette. As a competitive swimmer growing up and a pool manager for 4 years, I have seen my fair share of do’s and dont’s around a pool deck.

Photo provided by Camden Boca Raton

  Photo provided by Camden Boca Raton


With that being said, I have come up with a quick list to help you have a safe and happy summer pool side:

Save the Running and Jumping for the Track Field-

There are people of all ages at the pools at times. Be cautious of little kids that might not be as stable on their feet. Pool decks become very slippery when wet so to avoid any accidents, limit the amount of running and jumping inside the pool area. A stubbed toe or skinned up knee can put a damper on your summer fun!

Photo provided by Camden Copper Square.

Photo provided by Camden Copper Square.

Guest Limit-

The typical standard for Camden communities is 2 guests at the pool with the residents. The pools at our communities are designated for our residents first and for most. We want to make sure to not over crowd the pools with non-residents. Also, make sure that your guest know the pool rules and abide by them. With that, also keep in mind how your music and voices can travel. If you bring a portable radio, keep the music level to a moderate level to not disturb the residents around you.

Photo provided by Camden Gaines Ranch

Photo provided by Camden Gaines Ranch

Clean Up- 

Make sure when you are done for the day that you clean up the area around you. A member of the Camden maintenance staff will clean up the pool area in the morning before the pools open but be mindful that trash and messes attract ants and bugs. You wouldn’t want to come to the pool and find that the table, chairs and pool deck are cluttered with trash and messes. Help us keep our Camden pools beautiful!

Photo provided by Camden Amber Oaks

Photo provided by Camden Amber Oaks

No Glass Bottles-

My biggest pet peeve is when people bring glass bottles to the pool. I feel like people do not realize how dangerous it is when glass breaks on a pool deck. Broken glass and bare feet make for a painful combination. Also, did you know that if a bottle breaks and pieces of glass go into the pool, you have to empty all of the water out to pool to collect all of the broken pieces? Please bring your beverages to the pool in plastic cups or aluminum cans!

pool 6

Photo provided by Camden Main & Jamboree.

It is hard to believe that summer is almost half way over, so get out to your community swimming pool and enjoy yourself! Just remember these helpful tips to make the summer pool experience a happy and fun one!


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