Shirts, jeans and socks…when will it ever end?

Nothing multiplies faster than my household laundry! At least one, out of my two days off during the week is spent doing from between 6 – 7 loads; mostly from my husbands hamper. When I look at all the stains on his clothes, I often wonder how he stays fed. Because it seems that his lunch misses his mouth and ends up on his dress shirts and slacks! Stains happen of course; I just wish he would tell me about them before they set into his clothes. I know I’m not along in my complaint but I have to say that I do love him…otherwise I would not be doing his laundry in the first place.

Regardless of my affection for him, I was so frustrated one day that I googled for help and found the information below. There are a few I have used before, but many that surprised me. I wanted to share these remedies that use common household items (instead of expensive brand name products) to remove stains that otherwise would ruin your favorite shirt or sun dress. Make sure you add white vinegar to your next grocery store shopping list…looks like it’s a miracle worker!


With a sponge, apply a mixture of ½ teaspoon white vinegar to 2 cups of water.


Rinse the stain thoroughly, from the back if possible with cold water. All gone!


Soak in cold water mixed with a handful of salt, or apply equal parts ammonia and water with a sponge.  It’s kind of gross but they say to spit on the stain.  Yup, your own saliva is the best for blood stains.


Freeze it by putting an ice cube to the gum. The frozen gum will break right off.


Combine a ½ teaspoon of laundry detergent, a few drops of white vinegar, and a ½ cup of water.  Press into the stain with a rag.  Flush with water and blot.

Red wine

Apply a little white wine if you have it.  (Sounds weird that you would put more wine on a wine stain, but they say it works.)  Then sprinkle salt and rinse right away, rubbing the stain away as you rise.


I have been using this solution for years.  Gently massage some aerosol hairspray into the stain then rinse with cold water. Works like a charm!


Treat the stain with alcohol or a stain remover.  Regular detergent works just great too.


Use a mixture of water and baking soda or a few teaspoon of white vinegar. Or, soak it salt water.


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