The 100 Happy Days Challenge – Can You Do It?

There is this challenge circulating the globe. It is called the 100 Happy Days Challenge. Perhaps you have you have heard of it or noticed some of your friends on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter participating in this 100 Happy Days Challenge. If you did notice it, did you know that it is an actual honest to goodness challenge? That it isn’t just some hashtagging thing where you post photos all willy nilly each day? It is completely legit and has a true purpose. The website is  Here’s the skinny. You sign up on the website, create your own hashtag and get to posting. You take one thing out of your life each day, take a photo of it and then post your little piece of happiness. Everyone from the you’s and me’s of the world to celebrities are doing it. Even The Today Show just accepted the 100 Happy Days Challenge.

Here is why this is such an epic and important challenge…

A lot of times we can get so wrapped up in the negative and forget there are all of these amazing and wonderful things happening all around us each day. We can find ourselves spiraling downward and the momentum of this downward hurdle can be so overwhelming that we feel there is no light when we look up. We often begin to believe that our lives are made up by more of the bad stuff than the good stuff. This doesn’t mean that bad things aren’t happening in each of our lives but this happiness challenge can help to shift the focus and redirect our energy towards what makes us smile.  This is an exceptional way to not only use social media positively but to remind yourself of the little things and the things that surround you that make life better. And guess what? Those things that make your life better each day could be anything. I have literally seen it all. From the big things like children and jobs all the way to the small things like Rocky Road ice cream, favorite t-shirts.

It is by far one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It takes the saying “stop and smell the roses” to a whole other level and forces you (in a good way) to truly count your blessings.  We all get so caught up in our lives and we lose focus of what really matters and even worse, all of the things that are happening around us that do make us happy every single day. It all may sound so simple but this 100 Happy Days Challenge can have quite the impact. I have a dear friend who was going through some deeply dark times and she decided to do this. Today she completed her 100 Happy Days Challenge and she wrote about the change that happened to her from the inside out. It is an incredible example of the kind of change that can happen. All because you have accepted the challenge to be aware. So I share it with you because she was so generous to allow me to.


Holly's 100 Happy Days Challenge - The Final Day

Holly’s 100 Happy Days Challenge – The Final Day


I have just accepted the 100 Happy Days Challenge myself. You can follow my 100 day happiness journey at #HAPPYJENSMILES. I’m going to get as many of my Camden people to do it as well. I am pretty sure our cups runneth over, so in addition to your own personalized hashtag, hashtag #CamdensHappyDays. Cheers to all my happy Camden peeps!

I encourage you all to take the time to do this. You never know what this could do for you.

(To learn more about the guy and the story behind this inspiring challenge, click here.)


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