Five Fun, Free-ish Things to do in San Diego This Weekend!

There are plenty of free things to do in San Diego like hiking, biking, running, going to the beach but below I’m going to list 5 of my picks for free-ish things to do in San Diego.

1. Visit La Jolla Cove – There is so much to see and plenty of places to shop and eat. The best part, in my opinion, is Children’s Pool which is an enclosed beach that many Harbor Seals call home. You can watch them sunbathing and playing in the water from a great viewing point on the wall that encloses the beach and protects it from the waves.

Children's Pool photo from

Children’s Pool photo from

2. Have a bonfire on Fiesta Island – Fiesta Island is a neat island right in the bay near Sea World. I’m not sure if it’s technically and island but you can drive the perimeter of it to find a great location with a fire pit. The beach is dog friendly so bring your four legged friend for a day in the water and when the sun goes down light up the fire pit and enjoy watching the Sea World fireworks.
3. Visit Coronado – The drive over the Coronado Bridge is a breathtaking start to your visit to this ‘island’. Plenty of shops and restaurants with great walk-ability. Make sure you do not miss a walk through the Hotel Del and the beautiful beach it sits on.
4. Balboa Park – Home to many of San Diego’s museums, this park is a beautiful place to wander through. There are rose gardens and an area with international cottages where 32 groups are there every Sunday to educate the public.
5. Waterfront Park – Located at the San Diego County Administrative Building downtown, the Waterfront Park is a free water park/splash zone and picnic area. It’s a brand new park that has a beautiful view of the bay and offers hours of fun cooling off in the heat or just lounging in the park. It is also located just two blocks away from Camden Tuscany, which is the property I used to work at!

Waterfront Picture from

Waterfront Picture from

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