Interning with Camden

Welcome to CA Amanda

Welcome to CA Amanda

Camden Internship program started like most other internships, with an interview. However, what was much different about this interview compared to others was that it was introduced to me as a “talent show”. The premise of the interview was to prepare a 2 minute long talent, to show the interviewers that I am able to fit the company culture as well as think outside of the box. This was an interesting concept seeing as though I had the interview routine down pat in and wasn’t expecting to do anything other than answer the typical interview questions. This experience immediately set Camden a part from the other companies I had interviewed for. Rather than singing or dancing or trying my hand at a gymnastics trick, I chose to do something that I learned to do before I was even able to write, use chopsticks. I had the interviewers time me to see how many cheerios I could move from one bowl to another. While this probably wasn’t my most impressive talent, it caught the interviewers’ eyes and 30 hours later I had an offer letter for the Camden Summer Internship Program in Irvine, California.

Amanda's place

Amanda’s place

I am originally from Evergreen, Colorado, a small mountain town, I then moved to Tempe, Arizona to go to Arizona State University. I had never been to Irvine before or really had any idea where it was, but because it was a great opportunity I accepted and purchased my plane ticket. The Camden Internship is focused on business operations as well as educating the interns on the property management industry. In the internship you are paid hourly, given commission for leases, and are provided with an apartment for the duration of the internship.

Amanda @ Andrei's

Amanda @ Andrei’s

I am based out of the Camden Main and Jamboree Property. On a typical day I get to look at the operations of the property. At the property I have shadowed the leasing consultants, assistant manager, community manager, maintenance techs, and maintenance supervisor. Through shadowing all of the positions at the property I have been able to grasp and understanding of all of the things it takes to make a property run successfully. On a day to day basis I focus on resident services as well as leasing. After 8 weeks I have done 3 leases at property that has not dipped below 97 percent occupancy. Some other things I have done in my internship have been shopping the competitors, visiting the other properties (Sea Palms, Crown Valley, Martinique, and Parkside), meeting the regional VPs of marketing, construction, IT, capital projects, and overall operations, 2 IREM events, and fun nights out with the Main and Jamboree Staff.

Amanda and Julia

Amanda and Julia

The Camden culture has been incredible this summer and I would say has been my favorite part of this internship. Nearly everyone has acted like family this summer and has been more than willing to go above and beyond to help me and make me feel welcome. The Main and Jamboree property has been an incredible place to be based out of. The entire staff has become like family and I can’t believe I won’t be seeing them every day in just 2 weeks. Overall, I would highly recommend this internship as well as Camden as a company to anyone looking for employment. This summer has been a really great learning experience both personally and professionally.

Amanda Angel game

Amanda Angel game

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