Mid-Atlantic Camden Cares Loves Pets!


Camden Cares is the community service team of Camden employees that organizes and plans events that help out the local community. This year, I have been chosen to be a part of the Camden Cares committee. The cause that I feel the most passionate about is anything related to pets. Being a dog lover myself, I love to do anything that I can to help out puppies and kittens.

The Mid-Atlantic Region of Camden joined forces in June 2014 to collect donations for A Forever Home, a local pet rescue. From June 9 through June 30, all 18 Camden communities in the DC metro area (Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland) placed donation boxes in their Welcome Centers for residents and employees to donate. Donation items included, but were not limited to canned and dry dog and cat food, flea and tick prevention medicine, towels, pet toys, leashes and collars.


Visit http://www.aforeverhome.org for more details

A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation is a non-profit dog rescue group that operates in the Northern Virginia / Washington Metropolitan area. We strive to make quality dogs available for adoption and do our best to match prospective adopters with the right animal!

We are a group of experienced rescuers that can help you find just the right pet to fit your lifestyle – whether you’re a couch potato, an avid runner or anything in between. Visit us at one of our adoption events and see what difference experience can make!” (http://www.aforeverhome.org)

photo 1

Nichole, me, and Heidi with all of the donations

The amount of donations collected by the Mid-Atlantic Camden communities was beyond what I could have expected. With a lot of effort and my car being versatile enough to fit the donations in, I was able to get most everything organized and inventoried on my own. I do have to give major shout outs to the Camden Employees that helped me out: Yesenia, Kyle, Angel, Will, Nichole, and Heidi. Not to mention the number of Camden residents that gave what they could to help out pets in need. A special mention goes to Fairfax Corner resident, Arlow, who helped me carry items to and from the office to my car in 90 degree weather.

In total, here is all that we were able to collect:

Bags of dog food: 20

Cans of dog food: 122

Bags of cat food: 3

Cans of cat food: 219

Various pet toys: 43

Leashes/collars/harnesses: 58

Cat and dog treats: 39

Food/water bowls: 8

Newspaper: 4ft high stack

Dog bathroom pads: 125

Pet beds: 2

Dog outfits: 37

Cages: 5

Hygiene items and medicines: 22

photo 2

These puppies were adorable



Myself, along with Camden employees Heidi and Nichole visited an adoption event held at the PetCo in Chantilly, VA to drop off the donations. We were able to meet with A Forever Home volunteers as well as see some of the pets up for adoption. Immediately I felt like I was in Heaven, surrounded by puppies! It took a lot of restraint not to bring one home, but I was able to snuggle my fair share of puppies.

photo 5

I really wanted to bring this puppy home with me.

I am proud to not only be on the Camden Cares committees for the Mid-Atlantic region, but to also be able to work for a company that is constantly giving back to the local community.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can help A Forever Home, please visit their website at http://www.aforeverhome.org


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