Girls Weekend

What girl doesn’t look forward to their girls weekend? It’s a time to be completely yourself with your bestie’s, be silly, and catch up on life. I feel very fortunate that I have an opportunity every July to go on my girls weekend. In fact, for the last 20 years I have gone on my girls weekend with the same group of college friends. We all met in college and pledged our sorority together in 1986.

College Days

We spent our college years growing up together, surviving the break-ups, dreaming about our futures, and finding our true loves. We even worked in Lake Tahoe during the summers together, which was an incredible time and where some of us met our future husbands.

Lake Tahoe

After graduation we went our separate ways living all over California. The next couple of years we were busy trying to be grown-ups, finding jobs, houses, etc. Then several of us got engaged, so the bachelorettes started! We agreed at the first bachelorette that we would always find a weekend each year to have our girls weekend which started in Lake Tahoe. Since we live all over California we try to change the location every year from San Diego to Napa to Palm Springs to Vegas to Scottsdale. This year was back in Lake Tahoe, which was very special to all of us. Looking back at the weekend, it’s funny how our conversations changed from wedding plans, to baby plans, to the terrible 2’s, growing pains for our kids, and now high school graduations. Now our kids are talking about college plans and those wonderful college years that will be cherished forever. Hopefully they will find the wonderful friendships that we have and will start their own traditions. I know I will always cherish my girls weekend and I look forward to the next chapter in our lives together.

Forever Friends

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