This year has certainly flown by! Before we know it will be time to put on the scarves, hats and boots and decorate for the holidays! Here in Atlanta children have already returned to school! It’s sad but true—summer is almost officially over! “Yes the end is near!” (Please feel free to insert awkward chuckle) But don’t worry there are still some fun things to enjoy before it’s completely over. Here is a quick list on “How to to live the end of the summer to the max!”

concert pic

Concerts- Many musical acts are touring around the country during the summer! Some are FREE which are always great to attend! Usually at nearby park location so don’t forget to bring your blanket and lawn chairs! Then there are concerts which may not be free but depending on how much you love that musical act—you may end paying a pretty penny! I had the pleasure of going to the On the Run Tour starring Beyonce and Jay Z and I had the time of my life! Summer was definitely made for concerts! Something in the summer air just makes you want to dance—but please dont’t break a hip!

Sports- Summer lounging by the pool is probably the sport of choice for most but it’s also a chance to take in some sports games! There are several sports that maybe on their off season but this could be perfect time to really get into sports! I am no sports buff by ANY means (really..I wish I was joking) BUT I heard this is the time you can really enjoy some great games. If you are into football, you can visit the NFL’s training camps which are usually FREE and you can scout out the new talent for your favorite team. The NBA season maybe over but the WNBA has a seat waiting for you! Most cities have a WNBA team so be ready to watch some great basketball!

Another perfect time for the end of summer is baseball is in season! I went to an Atlanta Braves game for the first time (Die hard Yankees fan) and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Not only was there great food but that one game lasted 13 innings! I definitely got my money’s worth!

Enjoying the perks of a Braves game!

Enjoying the perks of a Braves game!

Family Time– I know this seems redundant since I am sure this whole summer you have spent time with your family over hot dogs on the Fourth of July or have spent time with them at the Camden pool. This time is different! As the summer winds down, children are back to school, young adults are going back to college and the real idea of “rush hour” will come flashing back into your mind. You can spend this time to really relax! Enjoy a FREE outdoor movie! Some Camden properties have a movie night or many of the communities have a movie theater in the clubhouse! Want to continue to enjoy the outdoor weather? Take a long walk together at the nearest beach—chances are it will be less crowded now!

Summer 2014 will soon be a distant memory as soon as the last hot dog is grilled on Labor Day! You don’t want to wish you did something during the summer—you can drain the last bit of summer fun out today! Time is ticking… so you better hurry!

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