Sunday Funday themed Summer party!

center piece on table tops

Center piece on table tops

It’s that time of year that makes us all shed a tear. Summer is coming to an end and we are all doing our summer parties. This year we decided to have a Sunday Funday Brunch by the pool for our community. What is Sunday Funday you ask? Well it’s brunch on Sunday with all of your closest friends.  So we decided to invite the whole property to come down for some crapes, massages, and cocktails by the pool. Our turn out was amazing as it seems like people like to go out for Sunday Funday.

Main and Jamboree Summer Brunch

Main and Jamboree Summer Brunch

This summer has been a lot warmer than previous years and we had to take that into consideration for the Sunday funday event. We hosted the event by the pool and that made it really easy to do the nautical theme. We used sailboats, light houses, and life preservers for the inspiration for the nautical theme and it also served as our background for the event. No party is complete if you don’t include a photo booth area with our custom hash-tag so residents can look back at pictures of the party forever.

Most Amazing Crepe's from the Crape Maker Irvine, Ca.

Most Amazing Crepe’s from the Crape Maker Irvine, Ca.

Camden Main and Jamboree Residents

Camden Main and Jamboree Residents

Some of the Items that you need to have for your Sunday Funday Brunch include:

  1.       Fun nautical backdrop with sea life you can pose with, hats you can try on and signs that you can hold with your friends.
  2.        Light house center pieces and nautical flags to use as center pieces on the tables around your event.
  3.        A mimosa and bloody Mary bar for the adults and a fruit juice bar for the kids!

The following weekend I planned another Sunday Funday event for my daughter birthday. This was also an event by the pool but we did a Sundae bar theme. We decided that instead of cake as my daughter is not a huge cake fan that we would do sundaes. We set it up to look like a yogurt shop by the pool and everyone loved it. The kids piled the topping’s so high most of then looked like they might fall over.

Massages by the pool

Massages by the pool

We have been taking full advantage of the pool these past few weeks and we hope that you are to! Happy Summer finale!! I hope you all make it one for the memory books.

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